Love in the Time of Corona

Love in the Time of Corona
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Let us pledge for love in the days of corona. The love – honoring the nature and humanity; the love for peace and arms free world! If we want pandemic-free world why we are not striving for a world free of wars; free of armed attacks and invasions; free of occupation of land, free of hate, free of ambition and free of class exploitation

By Noor Ahmed Janjhi

Renowned Colombian Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez wrote a classic novel in Spanish in 1985 under the title of “Love in the Time of Cholera” (El amor en los tiempos del cólera) and depicted the love as an emotional and physical disease. He is of the view that lovesickness is literally an illness, a disease comparable to cholera. It is an interesting read and offers poetic flow. However, some of the critics have considered the novel as a sentimental story about the enduring power of true love. It revolves around a love story. Man has learnt love firstly. Afterwards, hate was developed as its counterpart because of human illusionary adaptation of the basic themes of nature. Human nature evolves between fear and hope. Both the great motivational impulses have moulded human being to do or not to do. All of the human learning reflects effects of both these spurs. It moulded human thinking process and learning adaptability. Love, per se, is a purity, genuineness and grace. It has no any relation to the hate except the illusionary recognition of love in human mind. Thus he moves ahead with relativity. Poets and writers have dealt with both themes and some of them called fear a great check in human life and others called hope as great refuge of human life. By the duality of thought, the idea of death was created against the theme life. However, the death is counterpart of birth not of life. The life itself is a unique phenomenon in universe. The universe has its very moves of creation and destruction. Nature has power of selection and accident. All of the great accidents in nature are called disasters. The disasters have played a great role in evolution of human society.

Love in the time of Corona - Love in the Time of Cholera
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Previously, there were only natural disasters and then human activity, movement and exploitation produced disasters, called manmade ones. Outbreak of a tiny virus….covid-19, has been declared as pandemic by WHO.  International agencies have described the pandemic, as “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people”. Its outbreak has encircled and enthralled world. Mostly all the countries of world are enlisted among the affected zones and the figure has reached as follows;

Total cases 109, 469,582

Deaths 2, 413,162

Recovered 81,563,273

(February 15, 2021)

The outbreak has shaken the economy of world too. Some of the affected countries have declared lockdown and transport has faced a great decline. WHO has envisaged an Eight-Pillared Coping Strategy. Planning for prevention, protection and rehabilitation has been started throughout world. Despite the efforts, increase in positive cases is going on. Main focus of coping strategy is on isolation and to stop or reduce human activity. Human activity is pushed by the impetus created by markets. It is amazing that a small virus has checked such a great push and motivation. It is called vast context and great power of nature. The disaster needs a proactive motivation to reduce unnecessary human activity and social distancing. Isolated atmosphere, cleanliness and strong immunity can fight this disaster. It needs great motivation and patience. Community awareness can strengthen the coping process and mechanism by the government and international agencies. All of it needs a comprehensive effort with a great motivation of love to humanity and nature. Besides all of the strategies discussed above, there is need of to be humanist and people loving world. There is unequal holding of resources. Some name all of it as a result of the hardworking and investment. As far as the hardworking is concerned, the hard work by laborers is still less paid, low paid and un-honored. Tons of food grains and supplies are lying stored in the warehouses and cold storages of the so called first world. On the other hand the third, fourth and fifth world only dream for a plentiful ration and food supplies for a full month. The food supplies are a great deal, but poor people wander from pillar to post for a glass of safe water. It is all because of cunning based cleverness and exploitation by a minority. Love in the days of the pandemic needs to reduce this disparity and possessiveness of the resources. It needs to say farewell to not only arms but to war for good. This world needs an atmosphere full of love and honor for nature and all the other creatures. The pandemic is a warning for ambition capitalist world sucking the natural resources vehemently. It is a lesson learning too. The pandemic has created an environment of isolation and being far away from loved ones. People remain away from the affected people. It is the tragic aspect of the pandemic that a human being deserts his or her fellow human being. If humans desert their fellow men, who will take care of them? Can vultures look after the humans? Not at all – Therefore, it is need of hour for the world to think it over for a love-based society sharing love and giving love. It can return this world to normalcy. The warning draws attention of world not to be ferociously ambitious focusing only on buying and selling only for profit. Profiteering is more dangerous than the pandemic as the latter can be stopped through vaccination but there is no vaccination for former. All the ills of society can be cured through love and love can reduce the spike in cases of the pandemic.

Let us pledge for love in the days of corona. The love – honoring the nature and humanity; the love for peace and arms free world! If we want pandemic-free world why we are not striving for a world free of wars; free of armed attacks and invasions; free of occupation of land, free of hate, free of ambition and free of class exploitation. It is also need of such disciplines of study that may enable us to bury the hatchets forever. The pandemic has opened a vista for human being of love, for love and by love. Panacea of the sufferings of world and humanity lies in love……Love in the days of corona.


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Noor Ahmed JanjhiNoor Ahmed Janjhi is a senior educationist based in Desert District Tharparkar of Sindh. He is author of several books in Sindhi and English on folk literature including two poetry books.


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