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Love is the Eternal Unifier

Body, name, essence - all change, but one thing brings us together like a melody: love is the eternal unifier

Overview of the book ‘Be at home when I return’, authored by renowned Azeri novelist Elchin Safarli

Recently, I started reading the book of the famous Azerbaijani writer Elchin Safarli, one of the brightest representatives of world literature, titled “Be at home when I return, otherwise my destiny is happiness and separation.” When I read the preface with excitement, my mood began to change spontaneously and I realized that these writings as a whole are directly related to the person’s inner world, experiences and feelings. Anyway, this is one of my first conclusions about the book.

At the same time I clearly feel the eternity of life. No one dies and those who love each other in this life meet again. Body, name, essence – all change, but one thing brings us together like a melody: love is the eternal unifier.

We all know that there are positive and negative characters in almost all works. The book explains that only those who strive for good can draw conclusions from what they have experienced throughout their lives. Although at first glance this work seems to be based on simple instructions, every sentence, every word, every image and even the details of “sea, ship, bitter winter, oven, white house” included in it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a life lesson and at the same time a strong and sharp philosophy.

Of course there are almost no “eyes and ears” in the game! However, there are emotions that cannot be felt with the eyes and ears, but can only be felt by the heart and soul. Normally, a person can easily express his attitude, thoughts and conclusions regarding the environment. But the pain he felt, the excitement he felt, etc. Writing is very difficult for him. And I would not be mistaken in saying that the author of the work was able to fulfill this task.

Gans, the hero of the play, repeats that he misses his daughter Dost, who died of leukemia, for the rest of his life, until the last page of his words, and finally goes to her, eternal life. In the quiet years of his life, he wrote many letters to his daughter, explaining that this was how he could overcome his longing for her and get out of all kinds of depression.

As I read the work, I realize that all the difficulties in my life that I thought were difficult and difficult are not in the face of the real tests of life, but that life is just a path and the steps are for enjoying and loving. Everyone who reads this work. I recommend all my peers to read this book, which will penetrate the reader’s mind and heart!

Lobar Davronova

Student, Navbahor District, Uzbekistan

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