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Luck is nothing without hard work – A Short Story for Children

Young writer Maria Khushk shares her Short Story for the Children

Maria Khushk

Maria Khushk-Sindh CourierMaria Khushk is a freelance writer based in Hyderabad Sindh. She is author of a book titled ‘‘The Cage of Innocence’. She also contributes articles to Sindh Courier.



Luck is nothing without hard work

Ahmed and Asad were best friends. Ahmed was a position holder and he found himself lucky and hard worker. He was also a popular student because of his luck in studies. Day by day he gets overconfident about his studies, so he thought whether he studied or not he would top the exams. The final exams were near so students got a week off for preparation. Ahmed thought he was intelligent enough to pass the exam without studying anything. He wasted his time watching movies and playing games in mobile phone. Asad asked him many times about his studies.

“When will you study?”

“I’m lucky enough; I’ll pass the paper.”

“You’re lucky but you need to study too.’

“No need.”

On the exam day, teachers distributed the question paper to students. When Ahmed looked at the paper, he was shocked and faded for a while. Ahmed found other students busy with their paper and he remained empty minded. One week later, the result was announced. Ahmed failed in all subjects. He learned the lesson. Luck is nothing without hard work.


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