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Message from the Universe

Message from the Universe
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The Universe is never judging you. The Universe is never criticizing you. The Universe is only ever loving you

Iqra Hussain 

If you’ve been looking for a message from the Universe and not receiving anything, that’s okay.

Because sometimes it’s okay to have a break.., and this is actually completely normal. As frustrating as it sounds, the old adage is true: that thing you’ve been looking for usually comes when you stop looking. And nothing in this world you can get easily. For that you have to work and struggle. Because you exist and you have to prove your existence.

Everyone here is seeking the same thing…

The message of Universe.

Whereas the message of Universe lies in you to realize.

A message from the Universe is a sign of synchronicity, or deep inner knowing that comes from a higher power. You might call this higher power the Universe, God, Source Energy, or another name that resonates with you. Messages can often be signs of alignment, giving you reassurance to know that you’re on the right path. And leading towards right route. They may also be gentle nudges in a certain direction. And sometimes, they’re simply loving reminders that you’re not alone. When you’re experiencing struggle and hardship, a message from the Universe can be a source of comfort, letting you know that everything’s going to be okay.

Most often you feel it when you have no energy no will no power to dwell but…

Even then you have to….

Then comes a thought in your mind…

Allah had created me… there might be a reason..!!

That’s the kind of message of universe you still survive.

So take everything as a positive and proof yourself that you can.

Always there is a message of Universe lying in you, just understand its depth and work for it.

At last I would like to add few positive line to make you active…and energetic.

The Universe is never judging you. The Universe is never criticizing you. The Universe is only ever loving you.


Iqra HussainIqra Hussain has done Pharm D at Peoples Medical University Shaheed Benazirabad (Nawabshah) Sindh.




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