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My Sweet Mother

A sketch by Eliya Hassan

01-Eliya Hassan -Kids-Corner-Sindh-CourierSix-year Eliya Hassan (Eliya Yasir) is student of class II, IBA Public School, Larkana Sindh. She expresses her love for mother through sketch and a few poetic lines from core of her heart. 



My sweet mother is my world

My sweet mother is my world.

Her name is ‘Sabiha’. She is a teacher by profession.

She takes very good care of me.

She is my best friend too. Sometimes she looks like my schoolfellow.

She always wants to make me a good human and a smart learner.

Therefore, she always wants to take me to the heights of success.

She is my perfect guide.

She always makes delicious food for me and wants me to stay healthy.

I beg God for her sound health and long life.

I pray that may we live together always.

I love my Mom.





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