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20th July: International Moon Day

Apollo was the first crewed mission from earth to moon. Neil Armstrong and his team had landed on moon on…

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Earth’s Complaint and Our Promise

  We will save our mother… We will protect our home… We will let the Earth live…  Earth’s Complaint and…

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The Ickabog: A Fascinating Novel by J K Rowling

She wrote a novel titled “The Ickabog” for children, during Covid-19 pandemic. By Maham Mahar British fiction writer J.K Rowling…

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An Ambitious Girl

Eliya Hassan (Eliya Yasir); Age: 6, Student of class III, IBA Public School, Larkana Sindh     An Ambitious Girl…

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Surprise Gift – A Short Story

It’s true that Christmas should be celebrated with friends, in a good mood and without bad thoughts. Then all wishes…

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Birthday Poem

Birthday On 19th January, I was so happy and excited In the morning, in my school, My class fellows and…

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My Sweet Mother

Six-year Eliya Hassan (Eliya Yasir) is student of class II, IBA Public School, Larkana Sindh. She expresses her love for…

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The Ghost and the Coco – A brief tale

Never think you are the most powerful in your circle and never be proud of that supremacy. By Eliya Hassan…

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