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Earth’s Complaint and Our Promise

Dialogue with the galaxy… a short tale


We will save our mother…

We will protect our home…

We will let the Earth live…

Earth’s Complaint And Our Promise - Sketch 01

 Earth’s Complaint and Our Promise

By Eliya Hassan (Eliya Yasir)

Venus… while running in his orbit, taps the earth and asks:

“Are you okay?”

Earth (in a sad tone): “Yes…”

Venus: “No… You don’t look well.”

Earth remains silent and gloomy…


The Moon appears suddenly, from the earth’s horizon…

With his silver light…

And talks on behalf of her earth:

“She is sad… Because she is being spoilt by its people….

People are spreading garbage over her and ruining her…”

Venus replies to the Moon: “Why don’t folks living there take care of her?”


The Moon looks to the earth, and speaks out loudly, with his moonlight:

“Hey… Anyone there?”


Elia, on the earth… is already Googling: “Who is my mother?”

And getting Google’s reply: “The Earth is your mother…”

Replies the moon… “Yes, my dear Moon! We are here to listen to you…

How can we help you? I’m here with my group of friends…”


Moon says: “I want you all to save the Earth… your home…”


From the other side, Mars joins the talk:

“Elia, what can you and your friends do to save your home?”

Eliya: “We will plant trees…”

Sara: “We can stop the use of shopping bags…”

Hassan: “We can try to save water…”

Hira: “We will use Solar Energy at maximum…”

Ali: “We can use silencers in the vehicles to stop the noise pollution…”


Venus adds: “You can also tune your vehicles to reduce their smoke…”

Moon: “You can recycle things to cut the waste…”

Mars: “You all can save energy with little effort…”

All other planets said together: “Please do everything to save our family member and your home.”


Elia, Sara, Hassan, Hira, Ali and other all our friends raised their hands and replied:

“We will save our mother…

We will protect our home…

We will let the Earth live…”


The earth smiled with hope… 😊 thanking everyone…

And whole the galaxy thumbed up. 👍


Elia - Sindh CourierEliya Hassan, 6, is student of class III, IBA Public School, Larkana Sindh



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