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Performing Art: Don’t give up, never let go of your dream

Performing Art: Don’t give up, never let go of your dream

‘Farhat and the Family’ theatrical performance concluded at National Theatre in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Amidst a large audience representing various segments and classes of society, and against the backdrop of the main song urging not to surrender and always hold onto hope to achieve our goals, “Don’t give up, never let go of your dream, don’t stand still,” the theatrical performance “Farhat and the Family” concluded with great success at the National Theatre in Abu Dhabi.

The performance was presented by Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination over three days during the blessed Eid al-Fitr, in collaboration with the renowned artist Mohamed Henedy, sponsored by the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company “TAQA,” and with media support from the Abu Dhabi Media Network.

The show affirmed the success of the organization’s efforts in empowering talents from various categories of people of determination with special abilities in acting as one of the fields of creativity. It created a unique creative path to integrate them into artistic and social life, providing opportunities to express important events. Among those who participated in the performance were Sultan Al-Siyabi, Baraa Osama, Mazna Ahmed, and Maryam Hamdan. Additionally, bringing this type of art (theatre) to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi was highlighted.

The people of determination who participated in the theatrical performance were able to pass performance trials and the specialized training program of the qualitative initiative “Talented Abilities” within the organization’s strategy to support people of determination. This initiative aims to provide an inclusive environment and engage them in various fields, with the goal of solidifying Abu Dhabi’s leading position in empowering people of determination as integral members of society.

The theatrical performance also featured a distinguished group of Egyptian stars including Mohamed Tharwat, Mai Kassab, Ouss Ouss, Yasser El Tobgy, Ahmed Sultan, Rana El Sha’afie, Mona Gamal, and Ghaya Al Mass, under the writing and direction of Nader Salah El-Din. This was sponsored by the artist Mohamed Henedy, continuing his journey of support for the Talented Abilities program.

The audience of the theatrical performance praised its concept, which relies on discussing a number of social issues in a comedic style. It presents transformations, negative social challenges, and external interferences in our society in a simple and entertaining manner to raise awareness among both young and older audiences. Additionally, it sheds light on the most important development goals in the country, particularly emphasizing the concept and importance of sustainability.

The Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination emphasized its goal of providing space for every talented individual among people of determination to be present in artistic and creative works alongside major stars in the Arab world as a natural progression. They aim for them to become celebrities in society like other artists and creators.

The Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination launched its qualitative initiative “Talented Abilities” in Abu Dhabi to discover and attract talented individuals from various categories of people of determination in different fields of arts, including performing arts, visual arts, and media presentation.

The initiative aims to nurture and support their talents, create a suitable environment for them to compete globally, and formulate a comprehensive program to refine these talents and skills to enhance their presence in many local and international forums.

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