Man’s Search for Meaning

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves Shoukat Lohar “Man’s Search…

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Nietzsche: Beyond Good

Nietzsche argues that morality is not an objective truth but rather a subjective construct created by those in power to…

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Existentialism, a modern school of thought

According to this doctrine, humans are free to take any decision in search of their meaning of life with rational…

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Kids are natural philosophers

Kids ponder some of the deepest questions a person can ask. Why is the world here? What’s our part in…

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There are eyes everywhere!

Kafka warned us: surveillance turns the watched into watchers George Alligeris There are eyes everywhere. They watch us in offices…

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Beauty is not an ornament to the good life, it is at its heart

We create aesthetic value that we can turn to in our worst times and our best or every single day.…

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Children and the Philosophy

Teachers should teach children philosophy through stories and debates. The curiosity combined with rationalism, communication and morality will help children…

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How to become wise

In the Korean tradition of philosophy, human beings are social beings, therefore knowing how to interact with others is an…

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