Poetry Anthology on ‘River Water Rights’

La fenêtre de Paris France invites the poets to submit their poetry

The poetry must be in English and no more than 40 lines


Abu Zubier Mohammed Mirtillah, Editor, La fenêtre de Paris France has announced the upcoming publication of the 3rd edition of the poetry anthology of La fenêtre de Paris in July 2023.

According to the announcement, this time, the theme of the anthology will be “River Water Rights.”

Editor, La fenêtre de Paris France, in a letter circulated through an mail, also received by Sindh Courier, has invited all poets from across the world to submit their original, unpublished poems on the theme for consideration.

The following conditions apply to all submissions:

  1. The poetry must be in English and no more than 40 lines.
  2. The writer must provide copyright permission for publication, and there will be no royalty or remuneration.
  3. A biography of the poet within 300 words should be given.
  4. Any plagiarism found will be the responsibility of the poets, not the editor of the anthology.
  5. A profile photograph should be submitted along with the completed Google form, which is available with the announcement.

All poets will receive a PDF copy of the poetry book, and the book will also be available for purchase on

“We encourage you to submit your best work and look forward to reading your submissions,” Abu Zubier said.

For any further inquiries, the poets may contact Editor, La fenêtre de Paris France at



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