Observations of an Expat - Brexit—A Fishy Tale

Observations of an Expat: Brexit—A Fishy Tale

Up until the 1950s Britain had the world’s largest fishing industry, and its dominant position stretched centuries into the past.  William Pitt the Elder called cod “British Gold” and Victorian Grimsby was the world’s biggest fishing port. Overfishing, the loss of the Icelandic waters, the extension of exclusive economic zones and finally, the EU’s Common […]

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No Friend of Bacteria: Louis Pasteur – Father of Microbiology

This is the story of a promising young student who became the “father of microbiology”, but it didn’t happen by accident; a personal tragedy spurred Louis Pasteur to search for cures for infectious diseases By Sharon Cohen  Louis Pasteur was not born into a family of means. Growing up poor, he received a Catholic education […]

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