‘Poetry is the music of the soul’ – A Creative Meeting

The Teleconference by TV Kazan - Cairo Bridge will be held on March 10

The poets will present poems from the collection “the Silk Road Anthology “. They will read the poems in their native as well as intermediary languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi.

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Since 2019, the Phyloxenia Theater-Studio has been working at the Faculty of Foreign Students of Kazan State Medical University. Translated from Greek, “phyloxenia” means “hospitality”, which perfectly matches the atmosphere of the studio, as it brought together representatives of different ethnic groups. The creation of the studio is dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia. Artistic directors – associate professors of the department of Russian and Tatar languages O.V. Chevel and S.I. Fedotov.

Young actors get acquainted with the works of Russian classics, learn oratory and stage speech, take part in creative meetings with famous artists and performers. Many of the studio participants have already demonstrated their talents by performing in mini-performances and literary and musical compositions at various city venues along with professional performers.

The debut of the studio was the theatrical performance “Wonderfully arranged in our world!” Dedicated to the anniversaries of A.S. Pushkin and N.V. Gogol, it premiered on May 16 at E.A. Boratynsky, where students performed together with the poetic theater “Dialogue”, with which the creative team has had many years of cooperation.

The repertoire of the studio includes musical and poetic performances “I Haven’t Seen a War” (based on poems and songs about the Great Patriotic War), “Gypsy Love” (based on the works of A. S. Pushkin “Gypsies” and M. Gorky). “Makar Chudra”), “Mermaids” (based on the works of A. S. Pushkin and N. V. Gogol), “Roksolana”, “Silent Night”.

The studio’s program includes not only Russian classics, but also modern poetic works in various languages of the world – Russian, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Tamil, and Hindi.

On March 10, 2023, a creative meeting with the poetess, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, laureate of the Republican Prize named after A.I. G.R. Derzhavin, Literary Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan named after. S. Suleymanova, a member of the Union of Writers of the Russian Federation, Tatarstan Olga Levadna and a famous Arab poet, journalist Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, author and translator of 42 collections of poems, novels, travels and children’s literature, including works by Gabdulla Tukay into Arabic. Winner of the Manhae Grand Prix for Literature (Korea, 2014), Arab Journalism Award for Culture (2015), Gold Medal of the Eurasian Literary Festival LIFFT (2021), and Sawiris Award for Children’s Literature (2023).

The meeting will be held in the format of a teleconference. The poets will present poems from the collection “the Silk Road Anthology “. So far, the series has five themes: “Asia Sings”, “Mediterranean Waves”, “Ancient Egyptians – Modern Poems”, “Arabian Nights – World Poems”, and “Nano Poems for Africa”.

Participants of the theater studio will read the poems included in the collections in their native languages and intermediary languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi.



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