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Teardrop – A Poem from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm

Kim, Pil-Young, a renowned poet and critic, shares a heart-touching poem

 Kim, Pil-Young

Kim-Pil-Young-Poet-Korea- Sindh CourierKim, Pil-Young is a Korean poet and critic, born in Seoul, capital of South Korea, in 1954. He published more than 6 books. He won 4 Literature awards. He is former Secretary General of Korea Modern Poets Association, and former President of Korea Poets Literature Writers Association. He is the president of Sisanmak Writers Association.



By Kim, Pil-Young

Incorruptible spring water pooled in hearts

Hotter than any heart and clearer than the dew

A jewel that cannot be received without the truth


God gave beautiful eyes,

So that could see dazzling love

When couldn’t control delight,

Made drown in a lake

When couldn’t look at sadness,

Made the river flow




가슴 속에 고여 있던

부패되지 않는 샘물

심장보다 뜨겁고 이슬보다 맑아

진실이 아니고서는 받아낼 없는 보석


눈부신 사랑을 확인할 있도록

고운 눈동자를 주신 신께서는

기쁨을 주체할 없을

호수에 잠기게 하시더니

슬픔을 바라볼 없을

강물이 흐르게 하시더이다.



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