Home Entertainment Ranveer Singh explores Serbia’s wild side with Bear Grylls

Ranveer Singh explores Serbia’s wild side with Bear Grylls

Ranveer Singh explores Serbia’s wild side with Bear Grylls

Ranveer Singh’s mother sweetly packed the Sindhi flatbread koki and banana chips for the actor’s journey.

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How far will you go for love? In Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls, the latest show which dropped on Netflix on Friday afternoon, the Bollywood actor crosses steep ravines, freezing rivers, and predators like foxes, bears and snakes—all to get one flower for his wife, Deepika Padukone.

Ranveer vs Wild explores Serbia

Ranveer-1It’s not just any other flower. Ramonda Serbica is a rare species found in the high altitudes of Serbia. The flower is said to survive through some of the harshest conditions and has the ability to revive if watered even after it has withered. Ranveer believed the flower is a true representation of his love for Deepika. So, the actor who says he’s never been to a forest, “not even Aarey Forest”, sets out on a mission to reach this flower, with a little help from British adventurer, Bear Grylls. The show is interactive, so you have control over his next move, and whether he rappels down a cliff or tyrolean traverses (a method of crossing one high point to another with a rope)—one way or another, he reaches the endpoint, and here are some of the crazy things he does along the way.

Eats testicles, ants and maggots for dinner

Ranveer-2Ranveer Singh’s mother sweetly packed the Sindhi flatbread koki and banana chips for the actor’s journey. But Bear Grylls wasn’t very pleased. The key to crossing a forest is to travel fast and light, he told Ranveer. So they traded the koki for ants as their source of Vitamin C in the forest. At one point the ravenous two distracted a pack of wolves from their catch for the day so they could eat it themselves. Well, the pig was half devoured, but what was left was its testicles and the maggots feeding on them. You can choose what they eat. Neither of them is a pretty sight!

This one’s your choice again. You can watch the actor rappel down a steep cliff or Tyrolean traverse through a ravine with mind-boggling views. One requires him to use his muscle power more than the other and is also more time-consuming. But hey, no spoiler’s here; we shall let your find out for yourself.

Crosses a pitch-dark cave

Ranveer-3After Ranveer rappels or tyrolean traverses, he’s given access to a GPS system that points him to the location of the flower. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to move ahead than crossing a pitch-dark cave. They managed to light a fire, with the help of a knife and Ranveer’s underwear (yes, you read that right), Beyond the lizards and spiders, a pit of venomous snakes welcome them.

Due to its antibacterial properties, Sphagnum moss is said to have healed thousands of wounds during WW I. During Ranveer’s journey, the moss that absorbs generous amounts of liquid was used to quench his thirst.

After a strenuous journey, when the two were looking to retire for the day, Bear Grylls found a bed of beech leaves that were soft and would keep them insulated for the night. Ranveer was ecstatic to find a safe place to sleep. He called the bed of leaves the “Four Seasons of the jungle”.

Ranveer-4And finally scales a steep ridge to reach Ramona Serbica

With a grappling hook, jumar and rope in hand, Ranveer set out to climb an unbelievably high ridge to reach a green plateau that is home to the flower. The activity that requires a lot of muscle strength saw the actor struggling for the most part of it. Does Ranveer finally get his hands on Ramonda Serbica? You’ll have to watch it to find out.


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