Remembering Ghullam Muhammad Janjhi – A leading poet and writer of Tharparkar

Late writer (b.1921 d.2010) was also the palmist and expert in geography, history, astrology and cultural anthropology.

Ghullam Muhammad Janjhi passed away on 16 June 2010 and was laid to rest at his ancestral graveyard at village Vakrio taluka Islamkot, Tharparkar.

By Noor Ahmed Janjhi

Born in village Vakrio, the largest village of Tharparkar (about 10000 population) , in first quarter of 20th century, Ghullam Muhammad Janjhi was a great poet of Sindhi , Urdu, Siraiki and Hindi. His father Muhammad Usman Janjhi was a middle class tradesman dealing in bullocks’ trade between Thar and Gujarat. He traveled to the different areas of Gujarat (India) and stayed there half of the year in connection with his business. Ghullam Muhammad, his son, travelled along with him when he was only 8 years old. As they reached their camp village Dholka near Ahmedabad, they left little kid there to take rest and play. Little Ghullam Muhammad was very much keen and anxious about getting knowledge and sightseeing. He got admission there and got primary education in Guajarati and Hindi. As he grew younger, he started to visit different cities and sites throughout the subcontinent. He told that they used to go Ahmedabad every Sunday to visit Gandhi Ashram where he saw many great leaders of the subcontinent. He had returned to village for only two months of vacation and the rest of time he had kept on to pursue his hobby i.e. to visit the universities and historical sites.

Ghulam-M-Janjhi-Book-Sindh-Courier He had frequently attended Osmania University of Hyderabad Deccan to quench his thirst for knowledge of history and geography. He studied geography, history and got knowledge in anthropological studies also. He learnt palmistry, astrology and medicine (Ayurvedic and Unani herbal medicine). He also learnt shooting, arrow and bow and horse riding. He purchased a good collection of books on these subjects. He took part in politics too. Firstly he worked with congress along with Mr. Punhoonmal Hamirani and others and then he joined Muslim League. During that political process he met world renowned leaders of the subcontinent as M K Gandhi, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pir Ghullam Mujadid Sirhindi, Mr Yousif Haroon, Saeen G M Syed and others. He started composing poetry in 60s in Sindhi and then in Urdu and Hindi. He knew Sindhi, Urdu, and Persian, Guajarati, Hindi and Sanskrit languages. He also knew English of official correspondence to manage his correspondence with high ups of the government to resolve issues of the interest of general public. His letters were honored by the authorities and many matters were noticed and resolved. He has written on different topics and his papers contain a good stock of information and ideas. His works are as follows:

  1. Vejha Thiya Visal Khay (ويجها ٿيا وصال کي ) (Poetry) Published
  2. Visariyan na Visran (وساريان نه وسرن) (Dictionary of Obsolete Words in Sindhi) …unpublished
  3. Ratan Kanna Rait Ja (رتن ڪڻا ريت جا) (Articles on politics and on social issues) unpublished
  4. Sanneh Janee Sariyo (ساڻيهه جني ساريو) (Poetry) unpublished
  5. Seer Sawli Tin Khay (سِيرَسَوَلي تن کي) (Autobiography) unpublished
  6. Bhalo Chunayo Bhatiyain (ڀلو چُڻايو ڀاٽيين) (Genealogy of Janjhi (Bhatti) tribe) unpublished

Ghullam-M-Janjhi-Boo-Sindh-Courier-1Besides the above mentioned books, a book Samiyan Safar Khatiyo (سامين سفر کٽيو) containing his poetry and articles on his poetry has been also published. He was a man of values and principles and firm determination. He strived to honor the values of eastern culture and traditions of Thar. He lived a life according to his ideology and never ever surrendered on any issue pertaining to general public. He enjoyed strong physique and good health till his last breath. He passed away from this world on 16 June 2010 and was laid to rest at his ancestral graveyard at village Vakrio taluka Islamkot, Tharparkar.


Noor Ahmed Janjhi- Sindh CourierNoor Ahmed Janjhi is a senior educationist based in Desert District Tharparkar Sindh. He is author of several books in Sindhi and English on folk literature including two poetry books.

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