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Remembrance of love – Love Poems from Shanghai, China

Remembrance of love – Love Poems from Shanghai, China

The fire of love that once erupted, gradually turns to ashes

Anna Keiko, the world famous poetess from Shanghai, China shares her poetry

Anna Keiko Shanghai China - Sindh CourierAnna Keiko is a worldwide known poet, essayist. She has Bachelor‘s Degree of law from the School of Political Science and Law, Shanghai East China University. She is Founder and Chief Editor of ACC Shanghai Huifeng Literature Association; Chinese representative and director of the international cultural foundation ITHACA; partner of Immagine & Poesia in Italy; international member of the Canadian-Cuban Literary Union. Her poems have been translated into more than 30 languages, and over 2,000 poems have been published in more than 500 poetry journals, magazines, newspapers and self-media in over 40 countries.  In 2023, her latest poetry collection “Absurd Language” was published in Chile and sold on Amazon. She has been awarded a range of awards and honors. In December 2023, the Cross Cultural Exchange in the United States awarded her the Medal and Certificate for Significant Contribution to World Poetry. In 2024, she was awarded the World Peace Ambassador Certificate and the World Peace Outstanding Award. In January 2024, she once again won the 30th International Poetry Award for “Octopus Bones” in Italy, which was awarded in honor of the late Italian poet Eugenio Montale, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1975. Previously, she won several international awards. Anna Keiko has published six collections of her poems and co-authored dozens of literary books as well. 

i-love-you-images-33-1Remembrance of love

When you pass through the soul

Like divine light permeates the thick darkness,

Dawn comes, darkness hides,

The glimpse of sunlight is like the melody of love

I am charmed by the colors of the mountains like a shepherd boy

A heavenly creation

Where the spring scenery of love is warm enough

To calm the heart

Wonderful joy

Enters every inch of skin

A charming morning

Sweeter than anything

No more worries,

Sadness or hardships 

However, when I don’t get any news for a while

As if the mountains were sloping,

Unable to extricate and disengage themselves,

Bitter tears well out

He’s still like Apollo,

Shines where needed,

The fire of love that once erupted

Gradually turns to ashes


Love - PexelsWhy love you

Except for a few tears sacrificed during the years

Poor and with no possessions

Like the once green branches and leaves

Vainly rising towards the infinite sky

Breathing dew


Day and night soaring into the youthfulness

Happy and contented,

Love’s rage


The intoxicated heart leads to exhaustion

There’s you again

Arousing the falcon’s desire for rebirth


You are gorgeous

An unquenchable fire rises overhead

I’m striding forward toward the muse

Waving Homer’s magic pen

That must not sound like a Sappho’s poem


Oh, my homeland of misery,

You are overwhelmed

Your deserted heart

Is the pond’s hidden fountain


Why love you

When I can bestow you the most valuable thing

A song of the soul

A flying verse

To uplift one’s feelings

Note: Sappho (Sappho, about 630 or 612 BC ~ about 592 or 560 BC), famous ancient Greek lyric poet


Love-1Crossing the boundary and loving you

A heart longing for understanding

Received an unfair treatment

I cannot stop thinking about you

My love have mercy on me,

Please don’t prevaricate or find excuses


You let me taste the love’s nectar

That comes from the earliest aspirations

Do not desecrate love

For a heart burning with desire

Moves restlessly


Crazy thoughts fly

I miss you; I love you,

The sky is so gray without you

This love breaks my heart


Oh, I cannot stop

Respecting you with all my heart

Love me, please,

I believe I will get a new you.


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