Home Obituary Rich tributes paid to Ransigh Sodho for his love to motherland

Rich tributes paid to Ransigh Sodho for his love to motherland

Rich tributes paid to Ransigh Sodho for his love to motherland

Rich tributes paid to Ransigh Sodho - Sindh Courier-1Ransingh, spiritual leader of Thakur community had opted to live at ancestral village although his wife and son had left for India years back

By GR Junejo

Mithi: A large number of Thakur community people and other social and political activists of the area gathered here on Monday night to pay tribute to their spiritual leader Ransingh Sodho Rajput who loved his motherland Sindh and didn’t migrate to India although his wife and the only son had left their ancestral abode and settled in neighboring country years back.

“It was his love for his motherland that despite being alone, he lived here and breathed last at his ancestral village Mao Akheraj of Tharparkar district,” the speakers at the memorial gathering.

Rich tributes paid to Ransigh Sodho - Sindh Courier-4Ransingh Sodho, Teelat (The Spiritual Leader) of Naba Thakur community passed away on March 27 at his village. His last rituals were held as per their community traditions playing the folk musical instrument Shahnai.

Ransingh Sodho was a landlord and was also the former chairman of Union Council. His peasants and community people used to take care of him due to weak health.

Speaking on this occasion, Kunwar Karnesingh Sodho paid rich tributes to late Ransingh Sodho for his love to community and the motherland.

Raisingh Sodho advocate in his address said that Ransingh Sodho was the symbol of love for motherland and an exemplary character who served the local people irrespective of their cast, creed and religion. “It’s manifest from presence of people belonging to all the religions in his last rituals,” he added.

Rich tributes paid to Ransigh Sodho - Sindh Courier-3Dr. Sanaullah Hingorjo, Saeendad Hingorjo, Haji Sand, Mahesh Bheel and others said Ransingh Sodho served as bridge between different communities of the area and always helped them in hard times. “Even his loved ones left him alone but he refused to leave motherland,” they said and added that Ransingh Sodho will always be remembered and will remain alive in the hearts of people.

The gathering was told that Hakomat Singh Sodho, the only son of Ransingh Sodho was declared as his successor in a ceremony in India.

Nizam Samo, Bheru Lal, Asad Hingorjo, Dr. Ranjeet and Parumal were also present at the gathering.