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Sachal Sarmast was a rebel poet of his time

Through his poetry, the mystic poet protested against the wrong policies of Mughal Empire

3-day annual Urs of mystic poet Sachal Sarmast concludes with holding of literary conference and music concert

From Correspondent

Khairpur, Sindh

The 202nd Annual Urs celebrations of the great Sufi Saint Sachal Sarmast concluded with literary conference and mystic music concert at Daraza Sharif in Khairpur district on Friday April 7, 2023.

Sachal-Literary-Conference-Sindh-Courier (2)Speaking at the literary conference, the speakers called for following the path. “Sachal’s poetry contains the message for the youth of the present era, and it’s the path they should adopt for a better future, Knowledge, civilization and education,” they urged.

Writers said that the shrine of the Hazrat Sachal Sarmast urges the soul against dogmatism.

Sachal-Literary-Conference-Sindh-Courier -3Dr. Mahar Khadim demanded the funds for Sachal Chair established Shah Abdul Latif University and implementing the recommendations through a newly formed committee.

Madhad Ali Sindhi, who presided over the literary conference, said that Sachal Sarmast was a rebel poet of his time who raised his voice against religious sectarianism in his poetry. “At that time, due to the wrong policy of the Mughal Empire in the entire subcontinent, Sufi poets like Bully Shah and Sachal Sarmast protested it through poetry.”

Sachal-Urs-Sindh-CourierThe special guest of the literary conference Dr. Adal Soomro said that Sachal Sarmast was a follower of Mansoori thought.

He interpreted the philosophy of the right and gave courage to common people against fanaticism.

Professor Dr. Altaf Aseem said that Sachal was a great name who always spoke the truth, that’s why he was called Sachal.

Riyazt Buriro, Dr. Mushtaq Phul, Dr. Sher Mehrani, Hubdar Jagirani, Hizbullah Soomro, Amar Iqbal, Darya Khan and others presented their articles. Mukhtar Malik, Secretary of Sachal Yadgar Committee also spoke.

The Writers said that the time has come to talk about the topic with scientific thinking instead of presenting copy-paste writing so that today’s youth can find path and face the problems of the 21st century.

Sachal-Literary-Conference-Sindh-Courier -4The scholars, writers, researchers emphasized on the composition of authentic magazines of Sachal Sarmast and research on Persian language.

They urged the Sindh government to strengthen the institutions financially and administratively.

Sachal-Literary-Conference-Sindh-Courier -5At the outset, the literary conference condemned the killing of Professor Dr. Ajmal Sawand and a minute’s silence was observed.

During the conference certain publications including “Sarmast 42”,  published by the Sachal Yadgar Committee, “Sachal Souvenir 32”  published by the Department of Culture, “Diwan Ashkar” of Persian Ghazal of Sachal Sain, and “Schal Sodo” published by the Information Department of Sindh, were launched.

Sufi singers Rajab Faqir, Salamat Sohrab, Ustad Ghafoor Soomro, Sharif Abbasi and others enthralled the audience by singing the poetry of Sachal.



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