Sant Mata Maya Devi’s 5th death anniversary observed in Vadodara

Some 500 people of Sindhi community attended the day-long programs of anniversary.

Sant Mata Maya Devi was the daughter of Sain Harigir Maharaj of Raipur who originally was of Sindh.

Sindh Courier

Vadodara, India

The Sindhi community of Vadodara (Baroda), Gujarat state of India, observed the 5th Varsi Mahotsav (Death Anniversary) of Sant Mata Maya on Thursday September 22, 2022.

Sant-Mata-Maya-Devi-Sindh Courier-1The anniversary program was held at Sant Mata Maya Devi Darbar, Sant Kanwar Nagar Warasia Vadodara, Haresh Agnani reported.

On this occasion Public Bhandara (Free Meals) was held at 8a.m while at 8.30a.m the Grain Distribution ceremony and at 9.30a.m Path of Sukhmani Sahib was conducted.

Sant-Mata-Maya-Devi-Sindh Courier-2Sant-Mata-Maya-Devi-Sindh Courier-3From 7p.m. onwards, Bhajan Sandhya was done by Sain Chhoturam (Youngest Brother of Sain Kaaliram, the Gaadinashin of Sain Vasan Ghot Darbar Ulhasnagar).

Sain Rameshlal Babal Sain also remained present. Sain Kamlesh Lal, son of Maya Devi organized the Function. Approximately 500 followers attended the anniversary program. Function was followed by dinner.

Sant-Mata-Maya-Devi-Sindh Courier-4Sant Mata Maya Devi was the daughter of Sain Harigir Maharaj of Raipur, the capital of Chhatishgarh state, who originally was of Sindh. She was very helpful to poor and needy persons. Sain Kamlesh Lal had started daily morning Public Bhandara following the suggestion of Sant Mata Maya Devi. Some 250 to 300 poor people get benefit of daily morning Public Bhandara at Sant Maya Devi Darbar from 8.30a.m onwards.

The service of Bhandara continued even on the day Sant Mata Maya Devi expired five Years ago. At the time of death she was 76 years.


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