SAU Scholar conducts research on Development of Improved Production Technology

VC, Sindh Agriculture University awards PhD degree to scholar Tauqeer Ahmed Shaikh

Besides food, Millet provides energy to livestock through biomass and environmental-friendly bio-oil, which can meet fuel and household energy needs – findings of research.

Tando Jam: Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam has awarded the PhD degree to Mr. Tauqeer Ahmed Shaikh, who has researched on ‘Development of Improved Production Technology to enhance biomass, grain and biofuel production of Sorghum genotypes’.

The degree-awarding ceremony was held at the Vice Chancellor’s Secretariat on Saturday.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor, said that the world is suffering from hunger and food shortages, lack of resources. “Climate change is having a negative impact on agricultural production, which is increasing food shortages and due to growing poverty in Sindh, the majority of the population does not have access to adequate nutritional needs”.

Dr. Marri said that said that there is a need for research on various grains including millet and new varieties of rice, and especially hybrid seeds. He urged that agronomists and researchers should also research alternative food crops. “There is a need to increase the yield per acre of various crops including millet, barley, rice and maize by using modern technology.”

Tauqeer Ahmed Sheikh, PhD Scholar, Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Crop Production, in his research on “Development of improved production technology to enhance biomass, grain and biofuel production of Sorghum genotypes” has concluded that the growing population and limited resources of food are cause of various problems. “While Pakistan’s economy and daily business depend on the agricultural sector, the climate change is hampering better crop yields, while not using modern technology is also causing crop shortages.”

In addition to food, millet provides energy to livestock through biomass, while also providing environmentally friendly bio-oil, which can meet fuel and household energy needs, he said, therefore, alternative crops and varieties will have to be introduced along with modern agricultural methods.

Dr. Qamaruddin Chachar, Dean Faculty of Crop Production, Dr. Mubeen Lodhi, Director Advanced Studies, Dr. Aijaz Ahmed Soomro, Supervisor, Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Leghari, Supervisor, Dr. Inayatullah Rajpar, Dr. Islamuddin Majidano and Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Jamro were also present on the occasion. Earlier, Scholar Tauqeer Sheikh handed over a copy of his dissertation to Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri. (PR)



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