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Save us from Dengue

This year, the Dengue has broken all records

*The govt. should take immediate steps to control Dengue

*We will never forgive those who have deliberately caused flood

*Govt. needs to take a number of steps for reforms in Civil Service

Save us from deadly outbreak of dengue. It’s spreading day by day because of stagnant flood and rain water accumulated in surroundings after the monsoon rains. It causes diseases like malaria, fever, cough, and pain in body, headache, vomiting and many other diseases. Dengue is dangerous disease and every year many of people get affected but this year it has broken all previous records. According to official data released recently, more than 4500 dengue cases were reported this year. This number is on the increase after the rains. Even at present when I am writing, many people are wandering for the medicine to cure it. We are already in the war like situation and now this dengue has created doomsday for the people of Sindh. The government should take immediate steps to control the dengue.

Attaullah Soomro

Karachi Sindh


CSSAge-Limit for CSS

On 15th of July, a tweet by the Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal, which read “Cabinet approves increase in upper age limit from 28 to 30 years for CSS exams to benefit youth from backward areas and higher qualification,” turned aspirants’ despair into hope, and gloom into a reinforced resolve as they found in it a great opportunity to make their dreams come true. This indeed, is a wise decision as with this step the government has set the ball rolling to introduce the much-needed civil service reforms.

As per the figures provided in the economic survey of Pakistan 2015-16 approximately 1.294 million students are enrolled in the Universities across Pakistan. In all likelihood, a big chunk of this lot will go for CSS because a career in civil service of Pakistan means a life of prestige and honor. In order to attract the genuine talent from these University graduation, or more rightly the cream the country, toward civil service, the government needs to take a number of steps in addition to increasing the upper age limit.

Khushboo Samo

Karachi Sindh


Village LifeFlood destroyed our universe

Village life is very charming. It is quiet and peaceful. The chirping and melodious sound of birds, the movement of domestic animals before dawn are the source of immense pleasure. Moreover, the population of a village is very thin and relations are very intimate as compared to that of cities. Here, most of the houses are made of mud. The cold and fresh water of earthen pitcher is better than that of any expensive refrigerator. The meeting and get together with people of all age everyday are considered the learning classes where elders with open heart distribute and share the treasures of knowledge. There are open places and fields. The air is fresh and there is lush greenery surrounded with fragrance. But the recent rains drowned all, the beauty, hopes, birds, animals, houses and wealth. Flood destroyed our universe. We will never forget our people lost in flood. Gone are the days when we had everything, a wealthiest person might have, but now we are on roads at the mercy of those stakeholders who actually have snatched everything from us. We will never forgive those who have deliberately caused this flood to drown us all for the sake of their vested interests. May Allah curse them!

Muskan Dahani

Village Aitbar Khan Dahani Akil road Larkana


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