Seminar underlines importance of developing culture of peace in Pakistan

Society can be transformed by promoting the principles and values of tolerance, justice and love

Sindh University Campus Larkano organizes one-day seminar on ‘Paigham-e-Pakistan’ narrative   

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Larkana, Sindh

Sindh University Campus Larkano organized on Tuesday a one-day seminar to discuss the theme of transforming the society by developing the culture of peace and promoting the principles and values of tolerance, justice and love.

Seminar was presided over by Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Azhar Ali Shah while Prof Jam Jamali was the guest of honor. Students, staff and faculty members in a large number attended the seminar.

Speaking on the occasion Prof Dr. Azhar Ali Shah empathized on the ways to create the culture of peace by engaging and transforming the community by means of adopting the principles and values of tolerance, solidarity, justice and love.

Dr. Shah said that historically, Indus Valley Civilization, which is what we call now Pakistan, is the land where diverse ethnicity, culture, norms, tradition and religions have always been positively transformed into a rich synergy and synthetic environment of peaceful coexistence and this is what we have to restore at present and for the posterity.

SULC-Seminar-Sindh-Courier-1Dr. Shah explained that more than 1800 religious scholars belonging to various schools of thought jointly signed a decree that extremism leading to violence is forbidden and unlawful by virtue of all religious faiths and this decree is what we term as the ‘Paigham e Pakistan’ narrative initiated by International Islamic University back in January 2018.

It’s a consensus based narrative available on the internet which need to be read, understood and act upon and also educate our family members, surroundings and society so as to collectively lead Pakistan towards the ideals of Peace, Progress and Prosperity.

Prof Jam Jamali recited the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Allama Iqbal and other poets related to the theme of Pegham e Pakistan and elaborated on its adoption in our daily life.

SUCl Director STAGS Raheem Bux Mugheri, HoDs Dr, Ayaz Maitlo, Hussain Ali Kumbhar, Wazir Ali Tunio, Nabila Gul Bhutto and students including  Kamran Ali, Jameela Chandio, Umaid Ali Jatoi, Jameela Chandio and Aneela Jeho recited poetry and songs to express the feeling of peace and love for Pakistan.



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