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Sindh and Georgia to be declared Twin States

Sindh and Georgia to be declared Twin States
Farooq Mughal presenting Resolution for declaring Sindh and Georgia as Twin States

Resolution will soon be sent to White House; the process will be completed by 2026

Karachi, Sindh

Farooq Mughal, President, America Pakistan Business Development Forum Atlanta Georgia, and first Pakistani American Muslim Member of the Georgia House of Representatives, has set an example by presenting a resolution to declare Sindh and Georgia as twin states.

Declaring both the twin states will boost business, education and cultural activities, he stated in his resolution.

Farooq Mughal said in a statement that copies of this resolution are being sent to the White House, the Governor of Sindh and the members of the Sindh Assembly.

Very soon the president of America Pakistan Business Development Forum Georgia Farooq Mughal will visit Pakistan with the members of Georgia State and Sindh Governor, Chief Minister will also be invited to visit Georgia on an official visit.

The process of declaring the two states as twin states will be completed before the year 2026 with the joint efforts of the leaders of America-Pakistan Business Development Forum, Chairman Zeeshan Altaf, President Sheikh Imtiaz Hussain, Global Secretary General, Syed Nasir Wajahat and Farooq Mughal.

Before this, California and Punjab have also been declared as twin states.

“The approval of the resolution to give the status of twin states to the State of Georgia and Sindh will open the doors of economic and cultural development of Sindh,” Sheikh Imtiaz Hussain, President America Pakistan Business Development Forum Pakistan, said in a statement here on Saturday.

Sheikh Imtiaz Hussain paid tribute to Farooq Mughal for the great achievement of passing the resolution to declare the US state of Georgia and Pakistan’s Sindh province as twin states.

It has been said that the move will revolutionize the lives of the people of both states.

This process will greatly improve the US-Pakistan relations and the business, educational and cultural sectors will get boom.

As a result of our efforts, Pakistan-US political, economic and cultural relations will also get new achievements. (PR)



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