Thari NGO delegation visits Punjab for resolving problems of Thar Desert of Sindh

Thar Citizen Forum members raise environmental issues developed after coal mining in Tharparkar

According to Thar Citizen Forum more than 30 people and hundreds of livestock have died in the last two years due to mining incidents in Thar

University of Lahore will soon bringing motorcycles, rickshaws, and other small vehicles to electronic mode.

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Lahore, Punjab  

A delegation of Thar Citizen Forum (TCF) from Tharparkar district of Sindh is currently visiting Punjab in search of the solution to the basic problems of Thar and to find out the causes of environmental changes taking place there.

The delegation, consisting of representatives of different chapters of TCF reached Lahore after a comprehensive visit and holding meetings at Multan.

In Lahore, the delegation visited the University of Lahore, where the delegation met with Dr. Azhar Khan, director of the electronic engineering faculty and other academicians from various departments. On this occasion, the representative of Thar Citizen Forum, lawyer Dayal Sahrai, gave briefing on the environment, wind and solar energy of Tharparkar. He also briefed about the actual situation and environmental issues of Thar that have emerged after Thar coal projects and role of government.

On this occasion, the expert electronic engineers at Lahore University said that the world is busy working on alternate energy, and gave up producing the energy from coal but we have recently started Coal energy projects in Pakistan. He said that pollution is created by developed countries that are using energy for their luxurious products.

He further said the temperature of the world is increased up to 1.5-degree centigrade and this period is called by scientists as Anthropocene Epoch and added that this phase will harm the environment. He said that according to the UN report, one and a half million people die every year due to heat alone, and because of this the world is worried. “Even there are several international agreements to save the environment, and all had been repeatedly broken by capitalist countries to earn money. Here too environmental friendly plans are not implemented properly and further mining of coal in Thar continues.

It was discussed that the effects of the whole process are falling on the environment, human health, livestock, and ecosystem of Thar as a whole.

They further discussed that our neighboring country has the biggest one Bhadla Solar Park which is providing 2300 megawatts of electricity.  They have also wind power projects.

He further informed that in 2022 Europe did not use fossil fuels of 500 million dollars due to the use of alternate energy. He suggested that the environment can be saved by working on wind and solar energy on the belt from Tharparkar and Badin to Karachi.

Director of engineering department Azhar Khan and Aliza underlined the importance of alternate energy and said that now the cars are being run on electricity in the world. They are using solar system cars which will improve our environment.

They said that the University of Lahore will soon bringing motorcycles, rickshaws, and other small vehicles to electronic mode.

They briefed that average expenses of motorbike for one person in one month is up to Rs.13000, but the motorbike we are developing will cost only Rs.1800 per month, which will be more economical and environment friendly.

They said that during the first phase, they will provide 5000 bikes through banks at a minimum price for public use.

There was a question-answer session during the discussion. It was stated that for environmental protection, a home-based solar system can be utilized in villages at a minimum price. They said the development of the desert area is possible by using local resources and proper mobilization of all natural resources of Tharparkar.

The leaders of Thar Citizen Forum, Obhayo Junejo, and Noor Mohammad Bajir, spoke in the meeting.

Kashif Bajir, Advocate Vasand Thari, Sajid Bajir Saindad Hingorjo, Aijaz Bajir, Muhammad Hanif, Qurban Samejo, Ghazi, Javed, Kishore Kumar, Ali Gul Rind, Wali Nohrio, Imtiaz Noor Kumbhar and others said that Thar is a rich region in terms of mineral resources, but it is suffering from basic problems.

They said that by seeking opinions, they can present a better charter of demand to the federal and provincial governments to solve the problems and plan on natural resources for development in the desert so that to make the desert environment-friendly.

They also mentioned the increase in mining incidents. They said that more than 30 people and hundreds of livestock have died in the last two years due to mining incidents.

The delegation of Thar Citizen Forum also visited the electronic engineering department of the University of Lahore and the workshop of electronic motorcycles and rickshaws where a briefing was given on the number of other electric equipment developed through own resources of the university.



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