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Sindhi ladies of Vadodara celebrate Sindhi Language Day

Kitty Party Group of Sindhi Women organized the gathering

The women performed on cultural songs and enjoyed Sindhi cuisine at lunch

Sindh Courier

Vadodara, Gujarat, India

The ladies of Sindhi community of Vadodara (Baroda) city of Gujarat state also celebrated Sindhi Language Day on Monday April 10, 2023 to commemorate the day when Sindhi language was added to 8th Schedule of Indian Constitution on April 10, 1967.

Baroda-Sindhi-Women-Sindh-CourierIn this regard, the kitty party group of Sindhi ladies organized a gathering at Pancham Elite where they danced on Sindhi songs and enjoyed Sindhi cuisine.

Baroda-Sindhi-Women-Sindh-Courier-1The cultural dance program was followed by lunch with Kadhi-Chawal, Roti-Sabzi and sweets etc.

The Sindhi Kitty Party Group of ladies is very active in organizing cultural programs for Sindhi women. They also celebrate Cheti Chand, Birthday of Guru Nanak and such other festivals with great enthusiasm.



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