Home Floods Skin ailments spread due to unhygienic conditions in flood-hit areas of Dadu district

Skin ailments spread due to unhygienic conditions in flood-hit areas of Dadu district

Skin ailments spread due to unhygienic conditions in flood-hit areas of Dadu district
Two children with septic wounds in their head due to skin disease.

The children with septic wounds are brought at Civil Hospital Dadu where the maggots are removed from their wounds.   

By Allah Bux Khushik

Dadu, Sindh

A number of children, women and men have been reported infected with skin disease due to lack of health facilities in relief camps and flood-hit areas of Dadu district. Owing to skin aliments, the septic wounds have developed on various parts of body of patients including their heads.

Some children with septic wounds in head were brought to Civil Hospital Dadu on Monday where the maggot infestation was found in their head and other body parts.

A woman Ms. Jejan Shah brought her two children namely Ghulam Fiza and Asrar Shah in Civil Hospital Dadu who had septic wounds in the head. During the examination, the doctor found small maggots in their head.

A child being examined at Civil Hospital Dadu

Jejan Shah, resident of village Raaz Laghari of Khairpur Nathan Shah taluka of Dadu District, told Sindh Courier that her two children got infected with skin diseases since 15 days but due poverty she couldn’t come to Dadu Civil Hospital for treatment. “I begged some money from villagers and came here,” she said adding that her children could not sleep due to wounds.

The woman said that owing to no health facilities in flood-affected village Raaz Laghari, many other children have also developed same septic wounds. She feared death of children that if health department officials would not send medical teams in their village.

Watch Video: Doctor removes maggot from septic wounds in a child’s head at Dadu Civil Hospital 

A paramedic at the emergency ward, who didn’t was his name to be mentioned, told that six insects were found in children’s head. He said that both brother and sister had pain in their head due to insects but now were treated. Paramedic said that he had treated many children on daily base and had found insects in children’s head.

Skin diseases Specialist Dr. Sheeraz Ahmed Dawich at Dadu Civil Hospital told that maggot infestation in children was found in their head, arms and legs even before floods and it is a common skin disease in rural areas.

A maggot removed from the septic wound of a child.

Dr. Sheeraz said that the floods is not the only reason of that disease and septic wounds with maggot infestation develops as the flood-affected people do not take bath properly. He said that our medical teams are providing medicines to skin infected patients but 80 percent skin infected patients can save themselves through proper measures of hygiene.

Meanwhile, Sindh Courier received reports that skin disease were found among the people living in different relief camps including Ustad Bukhari Degree flood relief camp, city tent house Old Bus Terminal, Indus High way Shaheed Makdoom Bilawal, Chandan Mori, Suprio Band and other flood affected areas.

It was also noticed that in many relief camps and food-affected areas people have no safe drinking water facility nor they have washrooms for their families to take bath.



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