Home Crime SSP Dadu recommends enhancing head-money for outlaws

SSP Dadu recommends enhancing head-money for outlaws

SSP Dadu recommends enhancing head-money for outlaws

SSP Dadu thinks increase in head-money would help control the law and order situation

By Allah Bux Khushik


Dadu district’s Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Irfan Ali Samo has recommended IGP Sindh to announce enhancing the head-money upto Rs.50 million for 23 dacoits and hardened criminals of district, as according to him the public would help the police arresting the outlaws for reward and the law and order could be brought under control as well.

Talking to newsmen on Sunday, SSP Irfan Ali Samo told that six notorious dacoits of district Imam Bux alias Amoo Chandio already carried head-money of one million rupees which now has been recommended to increase upto Rs.5 million.

SSP Irfan Samo

Similarly, head-money of Rs.3 million has been suggested for the arrest of dacoit Abdul Jabbar, which was previously Rs.0.5.

Dacoit Jinsar carries head-money of Rs.0.5 million and Rs.2 million has been recommended. Same amount has been recommended for the arrest of dacoits Qurban Chandio and Asghar Chandio who also carried head-money of rupees half a million while for Nawab Chandio, the amount would be increased from Rs.0.5 million to Rs.2.5 million.

SSP Irfan Samo further told that reward for arrest of 17 hardened criminals of various districts of Sindh province has been suggested as follows: Khan alias Khano Rs.5 million, Rasheed Khuhanro Rs.1.5 million, Satan Solangi Rs.2 million, Jaffar Shahani Rs.2 million, Shahbaz Jamali Rs.0.5 million, Ghulam Hussain Solangi Rs.2 million, Mustafa Jessar Rs.1.5 million, Nadir Qumbrnai Rs.0.5 million, Alam Jamali Rs.2 million, Abdul Gaffar Rs.1.5 million, Abdul Razaque Birahmani Rs.2 million, Doolan Chandio Rs.3 million,  Hakeem Solangi Rs.3 million, Manthar Janvari Rs.3 million, Ghulam Sarwar Chandio Rs.3 million, Mehboob Dasti Rs.3 million and Muneer Ahmed Mahesar Rs.3 million.

SSP told that 48 cases of dacoity, robbery, police encounter, murder and theft etc. are registered against accuse Imam Bux alias Amoo Chandio. Likewise 46 cases on Khan alias Khano Shahani, 21 against Jaffar Shahani and 30 cases were registered on Muneer Mahesar at different police stations of district Dadu, Jamshoro, Noshehro Freoze and other districts of Sindh.

He said that within 10 days 8 robbers were injured and two notorious dacoits were killed in encounters.  He added that 20 proclaimed offenders had surrender before police and court.