SUP, GDA denounce formation of Special Committee for amending Constitution and creating new provinces

Jalal Shah and Pir Sadaruddin Shah resolve to strongly resist the move, foil the conspiracy, and if needed, launch a joint movement.

SUP and GDA leaders discuss political situation and possibilities of forming grand political alliance of like-minded parties for contesting elections.


Expressing serious reservations on formation of a special committee by the Speaker of National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf for preparing recommendations for amending the constitution and creation of new provinces, the leaders of Sindh United Party (SUP) and Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), categorically stated on Friday that they will strongly resist such moves and will foil any conspiracy against the integrity of Sindh.

“Existing provinces, the federating units, are the national entities, and nobody will be allowed to act against them,” resolved Pir Sadaruddin Shah Rashidi, central leader of GDA, and Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah, and Syed Zain Shah, the SUP chairman and President respectively.

“We will strongly resist such moves, foil the conspiracies and protect the territorial integrity of Sindh, and if needed, will launch a movement jointly,” they said in a statement issued after a meeting held at the residence of SUP leader Syed Jalal Mahmood Shah in Karachi.

gda delegation meeting with sup delegationPir Sadaruddin Shah, heading a GDA delegation, consisting of Dr. Safar Abbasi, Sardar Rahim, Ghazanfar Shah and Shafquat Shah, had visited the SUP leader to discuss the political situation prevailing in the country. They also exchanged views on forming a political alliance for contesting the general elections expected next year.

Criticizing the PPP government in Sindh, the SUP and GDA leaders said the PPP has plundered the resources of Sindh and its bad government has made the poor man’s life miserable.

group photo gda delegation with sup delegationAccording to the statement, the SUP and GDA leaders felt that forming a grand alliance of like-minded parties was inevitable to steer Sindh out of the crisis and get rid of corrupt rulers.

Meanwhile, SUP workers celebrated the party’s 26th foundation day at different places in the province. In a statement on this occasion, Party President Syed Zain Shah resolved to continue the struggle for a new social contract under the Pakistan Resolution of 1940 which envisages the sovereignty of the federating units. (PR)


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