Home Health Surge in Covid-19 cases, yet no lockdown – Murad Shah

Surge in Covid-19 cases, yet no lockdown – Murad Shah

Surge in Covid-19 cases, yet no lockdown – Murad Shah
Sindh Chief Minister Murad Shah inaugurating the Simulation Center at Dow University in Karachi

Murad Shah opens Simulation Center at DUHS; suggests establishing central Simulation Unit to teach all public sector medical professionals through virtual reality.


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said on Friday that Covid-19 and Omicron cases have started spreading fast but the government has not yet decided to impose lockdown, as the situation is under control.

“On January 1, 2022 there were 300 Covid-19 cases and on January 12, 2022 some 2289 cases have been detected – which means almost 2000 cases have increased within 12 days,” he said while talking to newsmen.

He added that the Omicron variant has also started showing fast infections and we have 331, of them three belonged to Hyderabad.

To a question, Shah said that though the COVID cases were increasing but even then the situation was under control. “Our health facilities are not under pressure, therefore we are not planning to impose lockdown,” he said and added that his government would follow the decisions of NCOC in respect of lockdown or closing of schools.


Briefing on working of Simulation Center

Earlier, inaugurating the Asif Rehman Simulation Center at Dow University of Health Sciences, Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah urged Dow University to establish a Central Simulation Center at Dow so that the rest of the public sector medical universities can enable their professionals to learn through virtual reality.

Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechuho, VC, DUHS Prof. Saeed Qureshi, Pro V.C. Prof. Zarnaz Wahid, Faculty members, Principal D.D.C Arshad Hassan, Dow class of 1990 –Dr. Asim Hashmi, Dr. Faryal and others were present.

“Since Dow University has established a state of the art “Simulation Centre” with the assistance of Dow Class-1990 that would enable health professionals, particularly the novice, to learn more efficiently, I want a Central Simulation Center to be established at Dow university and its satellite centers be established in all the government medical universities and colleges so that students in other universities and colleges can learn through virtual reality,” he said and added his government was ready to invest for the purpose.

It may be that Simulation-based medical education is defined as any educational activity that utilizes simulation to replicate clinical scenarios and its tools serve as an alternative to real patients.

The CM said that healthcare simulations could be said to have four main purposes – education, assessment, research, and health system integration in facilitating patient safety. He urged all universities to give special attention to research areas in which we lag.

The chief minister after unveiling the plaque to inaugurate the center visited different wards and witnessed the demonstration of a simulation process performed in different wards.

The Centre has been established at a cost of Rs.230 million, of which Rs.30 million have been contributed by the Dow Class 1990.


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