Surge in Covid-19 cases, yet no lockdown – Murad Shah

Murad Shah opens Simulation Center at DUHS; suggests establishing central Simulation Unit to teach all public sector medical professionals through…

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175 Cases of Omicron detected in Sindh

339 new corona virus cases also surfaced; no death reported but increase in Covid-19 cases has been registered.   Karachi…

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Dawn of a perilous year 2022?

The “tidal wave” of Omicron has struck, the hospitals are understaffed, PCR tests have run out, hospitality industry has been…

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Omicron likely to weaken COVID vaccine protection

Preliminary data from South Africa and elsewhere suggest that the variant is highly transmissible — spreading several times faster than…

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Pandemics Created Big Pharma Monsters

Again, the rise of the Omicron variant means they will benefit from another windfall. By Nazarul Islam In hindsight, I…

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Omicron-variant border bans ignore the evidence, say scientists

Most travel bans target South Africa, which raised the alarm about Omicron on 24 November, and Botswana, which also reported…

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How bad is Omicron? What scientists know so far?

It might take scientists weeks to paint a more complete picture of Omicron, and to gain an understanding of its…

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Nature has designed viruses to mutate!

The more the virus is allowed to circulate, the higher the likelihood of new mutations, especially in those with chronic…

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Observations of an Expat: Nation v the World

The Omicron mutant may not have developed if the developed world had made more vaccines available to the developing world.…

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