Only an act of moral and spiritual transgression can lead us to getting rid of all dualities, boundaries, fears, and…

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Pakistan moving in an unknown direction

In the case of my dear homeland, the story is different. It has been 75th years since Pakistan got independence…

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The Civic Character of Indian Nationalism

As a consequence of their idealist culturalism, the cultural nationalists crudely spiritualize secular thought through Hindu exceptionalism. Yanis Iqbal With…

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The separation of Politics and Religion

The separation of politics and religion has its roots in discourses over whether or not Pontius Pilate could be held…

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Islam is as liberal as Secularism

Dialectical debate or constructive argumentation is appreciated in Islam, and this adds to the flexibility and pluralist thoughts in its…

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Modi vs Mamata: India’s battle for glory

India’s soul is at stake. Bengalis will be voting this year, 2021 in a highly charged and divisive election. At…

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Secularism: Our fluttering flags remind us….

Flag flutters in the sky to remind us elders of our miserable failings, reminding us that the choice between right…

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