Sindhi mutton and a course on Sindhi culture

“How would I know anything about Sindhi culture?” said Shakuntala’s cousin, and she asserted, “You should! Your blood is Sindhi,…

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Lakhmi Khilani – Engineer, Academician, Author and Poet

Lakhmi Khilani has imbibed the Sufi ethos of Sindhu, and gushing flow of Ganges combined with intellectual sharpness and emotional…

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Romesh Wadhwani – An Entrepreneur, Technologist and Philanthropist

Romesh Wadhwani is the pioneer of India’s first ever Institute of Artificial Intelligence and has also launched several skill development…

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Atmaram Lalwani striving to promote Sindhiyat

Atmaram’s parents had migrated to India from Dhamrah town of Larkana Sindh during partition in 1947 Atmaram Lalwani was born…

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Tirath Basant – True Devotee of Sindhi Literature

Tirath couldn’t get formal education but with his wisdom he compensated this shortcoming with deep study of Western Literature, Philosophy,…

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From Pir Jo Goth to Ulhasnagar and beyond

The Ulhasnagar Camp No 5 has a Jhulelal temple of Sindhi community said to be the largest in the world.…

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Param Abichandani – A distinguished Journalist and Writer

Param Abichandani had a mind of research scholar; he served as editor of several magazines, authored five books and 300…

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