Home Poetry Take the Majority – A poem for India, *Pondicherry especially

Take the Majority – A poem for India, *Pondicherry especially

Take the Majority – A poem for India, *Pondicherry especially

Look at the Indus Valley.

They came here and planted it Themselves,

The Gods on Earth.

This is talking ship.

It saw Them mountain range.

Take the Majority,

All that You Need is Take the Majority from Them

Donny Duke

Look at the Indus Valley.

They came here and planted it Themselves,

The Gods on Earth.

This is talking ship.

It saw Them mountain range.


Where we goin’?


It’s gonna take a long time just to get started.

Itching glass


Come and say hi,

Every wrong thing about India.


You got any stamps up here?

The ruling party wants to throne themselves,

Like they’re in charge of Earth.

It’s in every land grab.

What’s happening?

That’s the truth—

Want this uttered on Hindu lips.



Drown the BJP,

Their own mess,

And they’re not

What the Gods intended.


Smell them?

They are not crystal clear drinking water.

Where would the Bhagavad Gita ride their behavior?

They go after people

Without equanimity.

They hate and they slay.


What principles of yoga do they follow?

There’s the Self in my enemy;

I must respect him?


The spirit of the demonic man

In their heart.

Rage like asuras.


Where are they busy with the Self?

Universal brotherhood

And compassion,

You have not seen this in them.

I’ve seen this all over town

In their fields of notion.


Have you heard their laws?

They would bury people

In punishments made to make them suffer.

They have no understanding of law.

It’s not used as a weapon.

It’s to help you become better.


Look at their ganja initiative.

The under-aged would suffer so

In environments that will make them worse.

Now let’s look at their civic duties.

Employment for youth,

Better wages and a shorter workweek for all—

No more 12 hours days?

Let’s help our homeless, shall we?

Take care of our old people,

Give orphans the royal treatment,

And don’t leave anybody out in the cold?


Where are they taking the population?

Bad, bad, blood, blood, [line heard sung by Neil Sedaka, song “Bad Blood”]

To the wrong thing in our hearts.

Let’s look in on ourselves

With cameras.

Surveillance all over the city.

Let’s watch each other mean.

The spirit of God has no business on Earth.

Control their lives and they’ll submit

To our little dictatorship.


As soon as it’s ready you’ll see.

We will get you.

Laid back Pondicherry,

We’ve got other plans for you:

A Hindu initiative.


Listen to the writing on the wall


Peaceful Pondicherry

In God’s hands.


Let’s ramp it up,

The realization of God in everyone’s lives,

The flowering of everyone’s humanity.

No dogmas—

You are on the road to self-discovery.

You will reach down deep inside

And find your wherewithal with Earth,

And find your true self.


That’s where we’re goin’.

We have to start somewhere.

Let’s start standing up to the BJP.

This part of myself

I will turn towards the light.

Do you see the spirit?

You’re not pointing fingers

Like some moral crusader.

Hey man that’s me,

And I’ve gotta respect myself,

Whoever you are.

That’s the lesson plan.

That’s how we do it.


Who is Donny Dune?

He says:

Donny-Duke-Poet-India-Sindh-CourierI am an American by birth but have made India my home since 2004, and I feel India my home in my very soul. Before that I was a world vagabond for some years. I am a student of the yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and write poetry, songs, do photography, and make videos, now mostly for my Tamil grandson’s YouTube channel, as part of my sadhana. I spent 7 years in university studying English, History, and the Classical Greek language. Before college I was in the U.S. Army Special Forces, did a mission with a tactical nuke in Europe in 1983, a real nuke, minus the plutonium we were relieved to discover after parachuting into the country. It was just a practice mission, but it got me thinking about the world and why we have set ourselves up to blow civilization to smithereens, why I got out of the army and went to university. The university could not answer my questions, but the metaphysical and spiritual experiences I had while attending university showed me science and its education system has little knowledge of actual us, and the path to real knowledge is knowledge of God. As a vagabond I began to do art actions, which I call ego activism, actions to undermine not only the ego in human society but my own as well. For example in 1995, I taped poems I’d written on walls and such in the old city of Jerusalem, on the top of Mt. Sinai, and inside and around the Great Pyramid in Egypt, poems about human unity and the healing of human evil, poems that today I’d hardly call poetry, but my thought was to plant tactical ideas in key places that would one day explode. I continue that on the net today, having done the groundwork I do believe.