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Terror Attack on Karachi Police Headquarter

Terror Attack on Karachi Police Headquarter
Karachi Police Headquarter

The TTP terrorists came in a car, hurled grenades on building and stormed the 5-story building at Shara-e-Faisal opening the fires with sophisticated weapons  

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Four personnel of law enforcing agencies and a civilian were martyred and three terrorists killed in hours-long gun battle when the terrorists attacked the police headquarter in Karachi on Friday February 17, 2023.

At least 19 other personnel sustained bullet injuries of whom one is said to be in precarious condition.

The gun battle started at 7.15pm and continued for about three and half an hour during which three policemen, a soldier of Rangers, the paramilitary force, and a civilian, said to be a sanitary worker, were martyred while all the three attackers were killed.

Death of four personnel, injuries to 19 others and killing of three terrorists were confirmed by Syed Murad Ali Shah, the Chief Minister of Sindh province while talking to the media during his late night visit to a government hospital where the injured personnel are under the treatment.

According to the Chief Minister, three terrorists, who came in a car, first hurled hand grenades on the 5-story building which housed the Karachi city police headquarter and then barged into the building opening the fires with sophisticated weapons.

Karachi Police HeadquartersThe police personnel present there retaliated the fires however in the meantime heavy contingents of police, rangers and naval police also rushed to join the operation.

Police officials said that two terrorists were killed at second floor while the third one on fourth floor. However earlier media reports said that one terrorist wearing the suicide jacket blew himself up on the roof of the building, located at main road named after King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, that links the city center and airport.

Soon as the terrorists stormed the Karachi police headquarter, the entire area plunged into darkness as the law enforcing agencies, under the strategy, got suspended the power supply and blocked the roads for carrying out the operation. During the attack, multiple shots could be heard ringing through the area. The firing and blasts continued intermittently till 10.30pm when the police and personnel of other law enforcing agencies raised slogans to announce their triumph.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Shah inquiring health of an injured personnel.The attack prompted the Sindh provincial government to declare a state of emergency in Karachi, according to its spokesperson, Sharjeel Memon, who holds the office of Information Minister.

Pakistani Taliban, known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed responsibility for the attack, according to spokesman Mohammad Khorasani, as reported by the electronic media.

It may be recalled that on January 30, the suicide bombers of TTP had attacked a police mosque in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhaw province, bordering Afghanistan. Some 59 policemen were killed and 157 injured in the attack.

The motive behind the Karachi terror attack couldn’t be ascertained immediately, however, the provincial Chief Minister in his media talk linking the Karachi attack with Peshawar suicide bombing said, “It’s now obvious that our forces are the target of coward terrorists.”






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