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The call of Debris – A Poem from India

Afzal Sajjad Zafir, a young emerging poet from Darbhanga city, Bihar state of India shares his fresh poem.

I am nothing, just a spread of rubble.

Afzal Sajjad Zafir

Afzal Sajjad Zafir -Bihar-India-Sindh-CourierA young emerging poet from India. He’s graduate in Accounting and Finance. He has been writing poems for 6 years. Peace, love and hope are main themes of his poetry. His poetry is inspired by many Eastern poets including Hafiz Sheerazi, Rumi, Shamsi and Allama Iqbal.



The call of Debris

Don’t sympathize with me,

It will just agonize me.

The ones who patronize me,

Are the ones who recognize me!


I was home to many gallant warriors,

Now, I’m relief to many rapscallions.

I am the destination of many sightseers,

I am the graveyard of some finest stallions.


I am nothing, just a spread of rubble.

A reminiscence of death and destruction,

Consequence of foolish men’s action,

Advising you of reconstruction.


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