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The Other World – The Serbian Poetry

Milisav Rosić, a Serbian language poet from Montenegro country shares seven poems from his recently published book ‘Drugi svijet’ (The Other World)

I jumped into the beauty of non-existence

Fragments of memory taken away

Like a leaf in autumn!

Milisav Rosić

Milisav Rosić, born in Mojkovac in 1997, is a student of Political Sciences. Milisav’s interest in art arose from an early age. His first serious art project is the performance The Artist Don’ Have Ego. He read his first unpublished poems at the art shows. In addition to writing, as his main guide, Milisav tried his hand at video production and as part of the album of singer Olivera Bjelic, where he screened a video for the song Shadow. He has published the book ‘Drugi Svijet’.



At night – blue-blue

Eyelids at night – red mesh thread in the whiteness of the eye

At night – bitter taste in my mouth

Like a broken crystal hour

Like a dry leaf

As it falls apart

In my hand

And then, unexpectedly that night


Then scream…

She dreamed me

Na wet ground laid

Colorless So

Tired and pale

Cold and trembling


Calm and whisper…

Red neon lights!

Red glowing lamps!

The overflow of all shades of red

On the snow cover

The night

I got lost watching the shadows play I was

Obsessed with madness

The bite of my lip

The pleasure of pain

The fire of Divine passion

Losing Yourself


Hypnotic Madness

At the same time the

Unbeliever and the Servant of God the

Halo as a gift to the sinner

Of God’s judgment!





This song doesn’t have me

There is no one, no rhyme

No people, no life


Of existence

I jumped into the beauty of non-existence

Fragments of memory taken away

Like a leaf in autumn

The most beautiful shades of all

In the forest fire I burned

Autumn has nothing to kill

Spring has nothing to give birth to

In me, only a scream lies

Eager for freedom

I dream of

The day

When I will sing freely!


You smell like death.

I don’t know your name

Are you a fiery fire?

Or a vision of my trance

Are you an endless nightmare?

Or a burning desire of my need

And yes, you are not separated


Separated from me

You are Me


I am You

There is no greater love

Than love for one’s own flesh

Arteries, veins

To the hot blood

That your heart pumps


Maybe that love is an obstacle

What does not give freedom to freedom

Eat your own flesh

Suck your blood

Bold bones…

You will come to your senses then

The train travels

On the already prepared track

Spark from the wheels

Soul through the path of destiny

Freedom is expensive

You are on the train without a ticket


Intertwined with a web of threads

Of Spider’s hands

At the beginning of darkness was

Crossed by the hands of the blind

Hopelessness begins and where it must not

The place of power

The womb of the mother

The beginning of everything

Through serenity, peace and non-existence

Silences are screaming here today

Women carry power

Three stages

Where she loses her eyes

Light disfigured


Where I see in myself the

Primordial and the ancient vow


I’m lying on the cold, gloomy ground

I am burning to feel

Non-Existence again and again

Hand me over to the dark


Carry me with your holy hands into the

Womb of the goddess

I love you the most,


Another World

Beam self!

Heavenly messengers!

Cosmic dance!

Light in Darkness The Spirit made of temptation



Suffering shapes my path

My wings do not falter

The most beautiful mermaid song

Notes from an angel blessed

Seduces darkness

Seduces and light

Grace and disgrace

The candle and the sinner

There are no pilgrims here

No pilgrimages

The path of the soul

Bare feet and thirsty mouth

Far is the source of water

A, so close

Day and night become one.

I call on you


Breathe life into me

I call you to the

Creator Some

Memories before the womb

Come alive in me

Altered state of consciousness

I fall and fall

Into another world

Passing through the Desert

In silence

The skin turns the touch of the hand

Through the finest velvet

The scent of the morning waves

Along the sandy shore

The color of silence is black and purple

You are like foam in it…

Forbidden by yourself

In the temptation to disappear

You drown in infinity

You get heavenly wings

I like solitude

Without a human tongue and an eye

Like a dry leaf

Fallen in autumn

I indulge in the beauty

Of dying

I am the most beautiful in death I

Tear every part of myself I throw

It into the fire

I admire the

Flame growing

I watch myself burn

And who am I when everything is burned

Now I am like the melody

Voice that shapes the

Most Beautiful Paradise Aria…

I became a constant sigh of

Creation and destruction

Of Tearing and Assembling

My flesh is moving


Constant aspirations

For the vision of the most beautiful roses

… On the balcony of the

Imaginary City

While the breeze sings a lullaby

To my long hair

Tells the stories of sailors…

This balcony

This night is the last

I’m saying goodbye to you

Unforgettable Without Flowers

Memories flood my


Visions of the

Lost City are emerging

Oblivion swallowed

The streets, the lanterns, the lamps

Oblivion took the heroes


The only thing left

Echo and echo

The only thing that shines is

The Star in the sky

Maybe nothing is taken away

In the

Afterlife Built of hope


My superhero’s bench is still standing

Every day

I revive you

One day you will

Have more life than me!



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