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The Peace-Snatched Place – A Poem for Peace

The Peace-Snatched Place – A Poem for Peace
Photo courtesy: Telegraph India

The poem by Indian poet and writer Haroon Rashid is a dedication to every place on Earth which is suffering

Haroon Rashid Indian Poet

Haroon Rashid is a famous author, known for ‘We Fell Asleep In One World And Woke Up In Another’. He is National Vice Chairman Youth India at Mother Teresa International Foundation. For his literary works, he received several accolades including United Nations Karmaveer Chakra Award 2023 Icongo; Global Peace Award 2022 at Mother Teresa International Foundation; Honorary Degree, Doctorate of Humanity by La Haye (Academy of Applied Sciences Supervisory Board) France; ‘Golden Eagle Award for Literary Excellence’ from South America; 1st Prize Exhibition Award 2023 at The 1st Silk Road International Poetry Spring Festival;  Honored with Sir Richard Francis Burton award to the greatest personalities in the world within the framework of September 21 and September 26, European Day of Languages, Signed by the Presidents representing the 5 continents; Awarded with the Cesar Vallejo Award 2022 (United Nations Global Marketplace). ‘Honorary Award in recognition of his Excellence in Literature and Arts’ on the occasion of the 59th year of Independence for Trinidad and Tobago; Balkanska Pjesnicka unijapoetically godine – 2021 -Award from Serbia. He represented India at Paper Fiber Fest 2023 conducted by China, Greece, Mexico, and Peru for promoting More Poetry Less War.

Among his world famous writings are ; Time and its perspectives, ‘Suicide Poem’, ‘Come Back From The Heaven’, ‘Skin’, ‘Will Meet Again’, ‘We Fell Asleep In One World’ aka ‘The Earth Poem’, ‘Human Trafficking’, ‘Humanity Poem’, ‘Faith’, ‘Mother’, ‘Spiritual Love’, ‘The World’, ‘Human In Uniform’, ‘Get Up’, ‘Meet A Person’ so on along with Endless Quotes. His art is his heart and now that heart is in all of us.

Belonging to the beautiful Jammu and Kashmir, India, known as Heaven on Earth, Haroon Rashid says, “It’s our responsibility to create a better world for our future generations.”

The Peace-Snatched Place

Many asked me to write

A poem on this beautiful place

I don’t have that vision and the sight

Where resides weapon and its fear

Majority of the time security remains tight

That even continues many months a year

Ignorant persons from here to there to everywhere take it light

Can’t they see many innocents having tear


Suffering here is every profession

From students, teachers, police, army to politician

Doctors, engineers, lawyers to even administration

There is stagnation, brutality and insanity

Nothing degrading ever seen in humanity


We have heard since ages it’s soulful place on Earth

Now it seems like a crime to have this place as birth

I don’t have anything better to tell

As it’s becoming like hell seeing this every day in my heart I often cry

Yes with deaths of innocent, every day I also die.


Shared by Eva Petropoulou Lianou, a renowned poetess and author of children’s literature from Greece


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