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The Silk Road Literature Launches its Magazine in Korea

The Silk Road Literature Launches its Magazine in Korea

The series, which launched its publications in 2016, with a collection of printed and hardcover books, has now been published digitally with the Silk Road Anthology editions.

Sindh Courier


A special pilot issue of “The Silk Road Literature Magazine”, published by the Silk Road Literature Series, has been released in South Korea. The series, which launched its publications in 2016, with a collection of printed and hardcover books, has now been published digitally with the Silk Road Anthology editions.

In a section devoted by the magazine to the history of Asia Journalist Association, Ivan Lim, AJA Honorary President, Singapore, wrote on Asian journalists who are often seen as playing second fiddle to their Western counterparts at international conferences, such as those hosted by the International Federation of Journalists (ITF). And invariably the activist among them comes round to talking about running their own show. Thus, Eddy Suprapto mentioned that when he met Lee Sang-ki at an IFJ conference in Europe, they talked about setting up an Asia grouping of journalists. Eddy had attended the IFJ meeting as an official of the Alliance Journalist Indonesia (AJI) while Sang-ki was a Journalists Association of Korea (JAK) official. Behind it all was a vision of a professional journalists’ fraternity and a mission to reach out and forge bonds among media practitioners in our part of the world with the goal of enhancing standards and; skills, and further, through engagement and participation in public affairs to help promote causes of peace, freedom of the Press and human rights. Sang-ki, who made his mark at the Hangoreh newspaper as a crime reporter, has been inspired by an article of faith viz “One line of truth through sweat and blood”.

Ashraf Aboul-Yazid presents the Magazine in the Foreign Journalists Forum for 2030 Busan World Expo

Stories and memories are also shared by Habib Toumi and Nasir Aijaz. Nasir Aijaz, Chief Editor, Sindh Courier, Pakistan refers to William Zinsser, a renowned American writer and journalist (1922-2015), who had once said ‘Memoir isn’t the summary of a life, it’s the window into a life’, let me too open the window and share some glimpses of my life – the life which I spent as a member of Asia Journalist Association (AJA) during the last fifteen years. In the last fifteen years, I have been to Korea five times, but all these years we, the AJA members, remained connected like the family members.

Silk-road-magazine- Sindh Courier
AJA members and KIM DONG HOON, president, Journalists Association of Korea celebrate the release of the Silk Road Literature Magazine in Seoul

Habib Toumi, Editor in Chief, the AsiaN in English, Bahrain, documents his story with AJA “In March 2019, I received a phone call inviting me to participate in an international media conference in Seoul, Korea. I have been to several Asian countries, but mainly for tourism, and I gladly accepted the opportunity to discover Asia’s media ecosystem and get to know some of its figures. In Seoul, I met with journalists from Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, The Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kazakhstan … Many of them were iconic figures in their countries and regions, with vast experiences and huge commitments. While enjoying the enchanting landscapes and impressive landmarks of Korea, we spent hours talking about a wide range of political, economic, social, and historical issues. The journalist were under the umbrella of the Asia Journalist Association (AJA), a continental pan-media group covering all countries.

A report written by Kang Seok-Jae who was then Senior Writer, the Seoul Times, is republished as an archive section. It recalls the Asia Journalist Association Forum 2008 and the 2008 AJA Plenary Session on October 7-10, 2008, in Seoul and provincial areas in Korea, drawing about 60 journalists from 31 countries. Under the theme “Climate Change: Media Catalyst in New Green Revolution,” the AJA Forum 2008 took place on October 7 at the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) in southern Seoul. Dr. Kang is currently AJA vice president, nominated to be its first Secretary General.

In his editorial, World Expo 2030 Comes to Busan, Ashraf Aboul-Yazid, AJA President and the Editor-in-Chief, Silk Road Literature Series, wrote: “Singing with BTS; “Was it honestly the best? ‘Cause I just wanna see the next.  Yeah, the past was honestly the best. But my best is what comes next I’m not playin’, nah, for sure. You and I, best moment is yet to come. Moment is yet to come, yeah. Promise that we’ll keep on coming back for more. My moment is yet to come. Yet to come. Moment is yet to come, yeah, yet to come“.

Silk-Road-Magazine-Sindh Courier
Busan Metropolitan City officials exchange the memorial of city with the Silk Road Literature Magazine

For the moments yet to come, World Expo 2030 will come to Busan. The Korean coastal city is ready to transform with the world making the Expo a memorable event for people around the world. The city’s bid to host will greatly impact the country with the generation of economic value that’s twice to even thrice of the Olympic Games or World Cup, positioning the southern region to be at par with Korea’s capital of Seoul.

The expo is also poised to offer South Korea a springboard to join the world’s top seven economic superpowers. Hosting World Expo 2030 Busan will further the national interests and become a great driving force for balanced national development.

Sitting on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, the coastal city of Busan is the second largest metropolis in Korea, as well as being the fifth busiest port in the world. Once a little fishing village, and now becoming a mega city, Busan truly positions itself to be at the center of another great transformation:

From the mouth of a miracle, in the Korean Peninsula, a tongue will stick out.

Flaunt at its tip a drop of honey, in the name of Busan.

It gave me – on our first trip –a souvenir that resides in heart;

A magic drop which slept in the seas of the world to wake up here by the magic of the city’s beaches

To paint in the future with waves widening and dance in colors:

Here is a boy caressing shells in somewhere as Busan gives him pearls everywhere.

And a girl who is acting with her doll to appear on the Festival’s screen.

I am the traveler from Gamcheon Village to Nakdong River and Mt. Jangsan

A lover throws the stone of the future into the water as waves of dreams won’t stop of widening again and again.

The Silk Road Literature Magazine has been highlighted in the Foreign Journalists Forum for 2030 Busan World Expo by Busan Metropolitan City officials who presented AJA president the city’s memorial.  It is worth mentioning that the Magazine will be published bimonthly in English and Arabic.



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