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The story of the stone net – A Poem from Korea

The story of the stone net – A Poem from Korea
Bukhansan Mountain Korea

Stones do not, under any circumstances, drink the light of dry water

Poet I, Byeong-il from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, shares his poem. He writes poetry on environmental issues

I Byeong-il Korea Poet Sindh CourierPoet Mr. I, Byeong-il was born in Jinan, Jeollabuk-do, in 1981. He currently lives at the foot of Bukhansan Mountain in Banghak-dong, Dobong-gu Seoul. His works include many poems addressing environmental issues and ecological imagination. His first collection of poetry, “Discovery of the Side” (Changbi, 2012), his second poetry collection, “With Ninety-Nine Lights” (Changbi, 2016), and his third poetry collection, “A Tree is a Tree” (Literary Notebook, 2020), have been published. He currently teaches poetry at a university and writes poetry, plays, and prose.

Korea-Bukhansan-03The story of the stone net

It’s never easy to take a stone out of someone’s head, but

Finally the surgeon takes out the stone and calls it Sari.

He said it was a bleeding stone that appeared once every hundred years.


He who is crazy about stones knows when a stone turns into a bird.

He knows when the stone curled by the sound of rain rolls in despair.

He suddenly realizes that the boulder he bought with its gills hidden was also a minnow.


A river without a stone net is already a dead river.

But stones rise, roll, jump, run, and break.

Just to become a net

To remain only as a net


But I am a bird’s foot stuck in a stone

The empty night hasn’t come yet

I wanted to land on a willow branch

But I don’t have golden wings

I couldn’t even stand or lie down

Swallowing the light,

That stone that has been sparkling for a hundred years

It looked like a cracked or broken flower moon.


In any case, it is not the stone that breaks and falls apart.

It was a water bird. It was a shimmering shadow.

Well, the Earth is an indestructible stone.

That stone has a half-healed wound.

But it’s scary not to shed a single drop of blood


Today, the sunset spreads across the edge of the rocky field

I see them crushing the black rocky ground.

But for some reason, a blue colored stone

When the stone sees me removing the plain stone, it pretends to know.

― Stones do not, under any circumstances, drink the light of dry water.

It’s raining and clouding and it’s getting cold, but I

I only transcribed the story of the net made of stones.


Korea-Bukhansan-07돌로 그물 이야기


머리통에서 돌을 꺼낸다는 것은 결코 쉬운 일이 아니지만

마침내 외과의사는 돌을 꺼내놓고 그것을 사리라고 부른다

백년에 한번쯤 나타난 흘리는 돌이라고 했다


돌에 미친 자는 돌이 마리의 새로 되돌아갈 때를 안다

빗소리로 웅크린 돌이 막막함으로 구를 때를 안다

홀연 아가미 숨기고 차돌도 피라미였음을 안다


그물이 없는 강은 이미 죽은 강이다

그러나 돌은 솟고 구르고 뛰고 달리고 깨진다

오직 그물이 되기 위해

오직 그물로 남기 위해


그런데 나는 속에 갇혀 있는 새발이다

아직 밤은 오지 않았다

나는 버들가지에 내려앉고 싶었다

하지만 금빛 날개가 없어

서고 눕는 것도 없었다 하지만

빛을 삼키면서

동안 반짝반짝 있는

가거나 깨진 꽃달 같았다


어쨌건 부수고 부서지는 것은 돌이 아닌

물새였다 아롱진 그림자였다

참, 지구는 상하지 않는 돌이지만

반쯤 아무는 상처를 갖게 되었다지

그런데 방울 흘리지 않는 것이 무섭다


오늘은 돌밭 언저리에 번지는 노을이

시커멓게 돌밭을 뭉개고 가는 것을 본다

그런데 웬일일까, 푸른 빛깔 차돌 하나가

민무늬 돌을 떼어낸 나를 보고 알은체한다

돌은 웬만해선 마른 물빛을 마시지 않아요

갰다 흐렸다 하면서 추워지는데, 나는

오직 돌로 그물 이야기를 옮겨 적었


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