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The Wind Blowing From Ieodo – A Bouquet of Poems from Jeju Island of Korea

Yang Geum-Hee, eminent poetess and research scholar from Jeju Island of Korea, the land of Morning Calm, shares her four poems

Geum-Hee Yang

Yang-Geum-Hee-Korea-Sindh CourierBorn in 1967 in Jeju, Korea, Yang Geum-Hee published three books – two collections of poetry: ‘Happiness Account’, ‘Ieodo, Island of Legend and Existence’, and one collection of essay ‘Happy Companion. She was the first president of the Ieodo Literature Association, the editor in chief of the Jejuin News. She worked as a research fellow of the Society of Ieodo Research. She served as a researcher at Jeju Sea Grand Center at Jeju National University and a special professor at Jeju International University. Currently, she is editorial writer of New Jeju Ilbo, special researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of Jeju National University, vice-president of the Jeju Regional Committee of the Korean PEN center, Executive of the Jeju Institute for the Korean Unification and Executive of the Korean Association of Ethics. She won 4 Literary Awards.

The Wind Blowing from Ieodo

A lot winds in Jeju Island,

Wind blow form Ieodo

I noticed it on Ieodo Marine Nuri Ship


Soothing Jeju women’s resentment

The Ieodo wind blows

I felt facing it with the whole body

On Marine Nuri Ship

Dedicated to marine science base.


The April wind in the year of Muja

Blew from the field of history,

The grief of falling camellia flowers

Had been overcome by love and solidarity.


Even with blowing winds

And tempestuous waves,

Dreaming of Ieodo

Our ancestors changed the island

Covered with stones, the wind, and the women’s longing

Into the beautiful, covetable island


Iron pillars supporting the base of the Marine Science

Are like thick forearms of Jeju fishermen

Who had sailed toward Ieodo,

Its towering superstructure looks like a lotus flower.


Ieodo is a gateway to the Pacific

Nothing to pass by but the ocean is calling us.


The Wind blowing from Ieodo

Shakes the leaves at the foot of Halla Mountain.

Saying go to the Pacific, go to the ocean,

Rule the sea beyond Ieodo

Then prosperity and abundance would come.


이어도에서 부는 바람

제주도의 많은 바람

이어도에서 불어온다는

이어도 해양누리호에서 느꼈네


제주여인의 한을 달랜 이어도 바람

해양과학기지 전용선 해양누리호에서

몸으로 맞서보네


역사의 벌판에서 불어

무자년 사월의 바람

떨어지는 동백 꽃의 슬픔도

사랑과 결속으로 이겨내었네


바람이 불어도

세찬 파도가 일렁거려도 이어도를 꿈꾸며

돌과 바람과 여인들의 그리움이 맺힌 땅을

선조들은 탐나는 고운 섬으로 가꾸었네


이어도를 항해했던

제주해민의 굵은 팔뚝처럼

해양과학기지를 받치는 기둥

우뚝 솟은 상부구조물은 연꽃처럼 피었네


이어도는 태평양의 관문

거칠 없는 대양이 우리를 부르네

이어도에서 불어온 바람

한라산 기슭의 나뭇잎을 흔드네

태평양으로 대양으로 가라고

이어도를 넘어 바다를 지배하면

번영과 풍요가 온다고


Jeju- Morning WalkJagunaepogu

My morning walk to Suwolbong

Accompanies the sound of the waves.


A dayflower at dawn wet in dew,

Blooming shyly as if fell in love with the sea,

In the salty smell of the sea

It would not fold its longing


Along with the nice people

Who have fragrance in their hearts

At the night inlet of

The shiny water scales,


I understand

Like the rust flowing from

The corner of the ship,

Some of my fault should have bruised

Something in someone’s chest.

To beautiful people

Who want to tie and be at anchor

I, turning around, establish the anchor of longing.


자구내 포구

수월봉으로의 아침 산택은

파도소리 동행한다


새벽이슬 함초롬한 달개비꽃

바다를 연모하듯 수줍게 피어

소금기 배인 바닷내음에

그리움을 접지 않겠다


마음의 향기

좋은 사람들과

물비늘로 반짝이는

밤의 포구에서



흘러내린 녹물처럼

안의 허물도

누군가의 가슴을

멍들게 했음을 헤아려본다


정박의 끈을 매고 싶은

아름다운 사람들에게

그리움의 닻을 돌려 세운다


Jeju_Olle_Route_Article_01Ieodo of Mothers

Jeju Sea never sleeps

It’s yearning

Look there far away raising your head

You may see Ieodo


Eternal Ieodo

That has become a star

In the hearts of mothers





Drenched in nostalgia

Sinking into the water!

In the sea 149km away from Mara islet

Women divers working under water,

Red sunset

Its eye may be stabbed by their Bichang,


Echoes of mothers

Longing for the island,




Nostalgia of lip-biting mothers

Towards the island

Ieodo Sanaa!

Ieodo Sanaa!


어머니의 이어도

그리움이 잠들지 않는


고개 들어 바라보면

멀리 이어도가 있다



가슴 속의 별이

영원하 이어도





그리움에 젖어

물속에 가라앉았는가!

마라도에서 149키로

해녀가 물질하는 바다

비창에 찔렸나

눈시울 붉어지는 저녁놀


그리운 섬에 닿고 싶은

어머니들의 메아리





입술 깨무는

이어도를 향한 그리움

이어도 사나!

이어도 사나!


Jeju-Songaksan-Olle-walking-path-No-10-Jeju-CREDIT-Tuomas-LehtinenLife Watched on Beach

The sea cannot nurture,

Mountains cannot nurture

What would not grow on ridges,

But undersea valleys bring forth.


A temple at the mountain’s foot,

From its backyard, birds take flight,

To achieve self-discipline without words,

To soar like a bird, the monk continues to renounce.


Old pine trees bear witness,

To the majestic lines of life.

The red sun complains,

That life is crossing the world’s weariness

And sinks halfway beneath the reddening horizon.


The sublime cycle of life,

Joys and pains.

Where we are staying in the present

And somewhere else will be in the future.


해변에서 바라본 인생

바다에서 키우는

산이 기를 있듯,

산등성이에서 자라지 않는

해저에서 자라네


산기슭 산사

뒤뜰에서 새들이 날아오르고

묵언수행 스님은

새처럼 날기 위해 버리고 버리네


생명의 숭고한 순환

기쁨과 고통

우리는 어디에

머물다가 흘러가고 있을까


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