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The Wordsmith – A Look at Khosiyat Rustamova’s work

The Wordsmith – A Look at Khosiyat Rustamova’s work
Uzbek poetess Khosiyat Rustamov

Khosiyat Rustamova is the famous Uzbek poet whose poetry themes about universe, humanity, nature and the Earth

By Jakhongir Nomozov

A poem is the picture of emotions born out of a soul, the feeling of the soul, amazement, love. The purer soul of the poet is, the clearer imagination, the more beautiful senses and the more “livable” his poetry will be.

In the works of the famous Uzbek poet, the member of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, Khosiyat Rustamova, themes about universe and humanity, the Earth and time, the vivid image of Nature, the subtleties of a woman’s heart are prioritized.

Trust me, I won’t hurt you anymore,

I went out even though it was late. Black hill.

One sky raised a star to the head

I stand in your ways, after all.

KhosiyatExistence, life, nature are the main themes and sources of inspiration of the poet. She always gets magic from existence, beauty from life, power and inspiration from nature for herself. As Franz Kafka wrote: “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”

In fact, beauty is a relative perception. However, there is such a beauty that never changes. It is the beauty of the soul. Khosiyat Rustamova is also a poet with such a beautiful soul. She loves people, nature. The main theme of the content of her poems is nature. She describes the conditions between people and nature through birds, trees.

What makes the soul beautiful?

Of course, the soul becomes beautiful again through goodness, good deeds, at first, love, and the appealing creations of the Creator.

In this poem, she describes the delicate feelings of a woman’s heart in light colors, sounding the novelty of nature in words. This state, this process, this experience is familiar only to those who are obsessed by love.

The magic of a word, the skill of the poet, the miracle of poetry, the power of thought is clearly manifested in Khosiyat Rustamova’s works. Through this poem, the captivating scenery of spring is revived in our sight.

Saddens the delicate sprouts,

Unpleasant behavior of western birds.

As soon as spring knocks on the door

Earth and Heaven unlocked…

The people of creativity live in their mysterious world in the embrace of ever good thoughts, heavenly dreams. Actually, being a real poet is that…

Trees and world faint without me,

Whose hair the wind plays with.

If I go – night will exactly die,

If I go – from hunger the moon will die.

The wind plays the poet’s hair pulling, petting, the tree becomes her companion, the moon becomes her confidant, and night becomes her best friend. It is an original poetic scenery, poetic assimilation. There is human being who always needs love, its prisoner. The only power carrying the world is love as well.

My tears were washing dust

I wanted to cry from my inside.

Can you tell?

Can you remember?

What kind of wine did I drink?

How much did I rinse my face?

Colors were seen white even then.

If I don’t feel dizzy, if I don’t drunk

I wouldn’t stay long in this world.

Khosiyat RustomIt is said “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Life doesn’t honor us with happiness all the time. A human being realizes better when trails come upon him. He reflects on why he came to the world, why he is living. This poem makes the reader think for a long, too. It is about the magnificent of blessing called life being worthy of human dignity, living in the life given to us. “Dizziness of the poet” not to be able to refrain from the blessing of life is a sign from his great love for life.

It is said that a word is a destiny of the poet… The poems of the poet reflect on his life.

Allah is very generous to Khosiyat Rustamova with that.

The places where I haven’t gone-

My poems will go later.

Her works were published in more than thirty countries, and saw the face of the world.


Allah blesses every person with abilities, rare talent, and a sharp mind. In fact, the whole problem is to be able to improve this talent, to use our capabilities. Behind every great talent there is a gift from Allah and great work.

People who have nothing-

But have hope for tomorrow.

Each of us lives with our desires and righteous dreams’ hope in this world. It will be right when we believe in the successes’ result and take actions from today for the target purposes, it isn’t enough, if there is with only the hope. These poetic words bring the poet’s mind to remote and make him to think.

I drink my soul drop by drop.

Going to fall as the leaves,

Seeing verdant gardens in my dream.

Tell, my God, from whom you have kept me!

Where am I going in my way?!

“If people strive for something, they love that thing, if what they love, strive for that thing,” – Erich Fromm was truly right when he wrote it.

I wish Khosiyat Rustamova, who is ensuing from the beauty and passion, being a glorious as the love in her work and life paths!

__________________Jakhongir Nomozov- a young poet - Uzbekistan - Sindh Courier

Jakhongir Nomozov, a poet and writer, is a student at the University of Journalism and Mass Communications of Uzbekistan and The Children World newspaper reporter.



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