There Is Always Hope Through The Pain – A Poem from Sudan

Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker, poet and writer from Sudan, a war-ravaged African country, shares his poem of hope

Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker

Yousif IbrahimA poet and writer from Omdurman UmbdaSudan, Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker works as an English Instructor, Trainer and Freelance Interpreter. He also has been working as a debate leader discussing various topics in many English Institutes, Centers, Academy and schools.

There Is Always Hope Through The Pain

When dismal fills our hearts

When tears make us go to pieces

When it’s clouded all around

When you hearken to a bashful homicide, hearty

When love ousts its worth

When you always land up yelping

When bloodshed goes along, it doesn’t make us droopy and languid

But stringent and sonorous

Getting funky and careworn sometimes isn’t malicious, restless

Hopeful for the right instant to reap peace

Might take too lanky

Equal If we had an abominable over-and-done

We must know that it doesn’t endwise

And we can make our down-the-pike slam

We could be whatever we yearn

Like a gleaming jewel was once just an unsalable pebble

Luminosity, Woolly Bear was just a hideous lout

Like a bitty waft of the cyclone

Could curve into a diffident tornado

In life, we attain and march out, like the foams on the riversides

There is never a resting in peace eventually

There’s always more to inspect

It is more like a formless war where we are born, live, grow up, mingle in fellowship as Sudanese, and proud

We make our own country and lives

We just have to withhold to our beloved Sudan skin-tight

This foggy shadow in a little while lasts the day

We will whoop over and over and comedy

Spring will arrive very forthwith

Our doom will come again glint like the moonlight

The ravishing solar from beyond will slump on us

It will generate the advance of all remorse minus and all alleviation plus

We’ll announce that life is on edge for us

Angels and love are in your pack

Now, don’t ever slough a sole laceration

Because we’ll always be there

So my ebullient Sudanese, don’t ever endorse the blaze of prospects out in our lives

And we will manage delectation at our slammer sooner or later


The poem written on Saturday 9th September 2023, captures the situation that is still tense. The ceasefire is fragile. People are not sure what is going to happen next. The everyday struggle are certainly challenging; people find themselves in a state of hopelessness. Feeling of hopeless isn’t a quick fix to pull oneself out of that mental space. Positive thoughts that once occupied the mind might be replaced with doubt, fear, and anxiety.

There is heavy fighting in densely populated areas, in Khartoum and other cities. People have to decide whether they stay home and risk getting bombed, looted, forcibly evicted, or flee facing risks created by the fighting on the road and the challenges of crossing borders. Many people are stranded where they are. The fighting has damaged civilian infrastructure, so there’s little access to electricity, clean water, and health care. People are trying to survive both the fighting and the devastating impact it’s having on their daily lives.


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