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Tonight You Are My Poetry Myself – Poetry from Kosovo

Tonight You Are My Poetry Myself – Poetry from Kosovo
A view of Klina, Kosovo

Tonight who made me light; This lonely verse evening, the moon came to you because you were her smile

Agim DESKU, a renowned poet from Republic of Kosovo, shares a bouquet of his poems  

Agim Desku Kosovo poet Sindh CourierAgim DESKU, born on August 25, 1957 in Siqevë, Municipality of Klina in Kosovo, has published so far published eleven poetic volumes: Whisper of light (Poems for adults, 1995; Spring Song, 1996; In which verse do I remain (Poetry for adults) 2007; I want to drink wine … 2011, (which was promoted in Dajt, Tirana, Ministry of Culture, in Durrës, in the restaurant -Rain and tears – from Pegasi in Tirana, (promoted by the Congress of the Albanian Women’s Network on November 24, 2012 in Vlora) and in Peja, within the Peja culture; Verses on tears- (Dedicated to pain and wound divided in two homeland); Monograph for teacher Tahir Abazin Berisha, 2015; Illyrian Songs-2015; Confess the Sun, Athens 2015 (translated into Greek);  Silence kills, 2016; Unspoken Anathema, 2017;  Poetic Universe 2017; FISHTIANE 2018 Prishtina.
Literary awards:
2011 First prize in poetry, from the literary competition “Youth of Chameria”, Year 2012 first prize again in poetry by Youth of Chameria, POET HONOR, Year 2011 third prize January flame Gjilan; Year 2012 Personality of the year 2012 Vlora, from the Albanian Women’s Network Congress; Year 2014, first prize in poetry, Flame of January Gjilan; 2014 first prize in the literary competition, Poetry of people, Milan, Italy. Year 2016 POET HONOR, from the Poetic Alphabet, Sfilare, Skopje; Year 2017 first prize, Bardi I, Esat Mekuli. Year 2017 first prize in poetry from the Competition of the City Library in Ferizaj; Year 2017 first prize – Poetic table, Ymer Elshani Drenas. Year 2017 – Ambassador of poetry in the world-Dante Maffia; Year 2019-First Prize of the Poetry Museum Festival-Mat-2019; Year 2020 Price-STONE BRIDGE-Prizren 2020; Viti 2020 ÇMIMI SPECIAL i Festivalit të Poezisë ; Trokitje për çmimin “Gjekë Marinaj”.


Tonight who made me light

This lonely verse evening

The moon came to you because you were her smile

In my verse brought me a little freedom

My painting as a landscape hangs me.


Tonight the waking morning star catches me

With the roses of your garden

How beautifully they had blossomed red and black.


In your world they are different

Like the song of your love, where we sang together

When he takes my name for stone and wall

Of each word passing through the syvargu

e muros my fate.


Silence brings evening with the moon

And kindles the fire in me.


Tonight we prayed more than yesterday

I also talk to my song

Times we became crazy about each verse

That I write tonight with my friend

Under the moonlight with serenade sounds.


For a moment we became pink flowers

Which blooms many times in the spring

The scent of your embrace or the kiss of fire

Each brings the first spring, the first flowers


As landscapes to paint your painting

Where I hang on to the soul of my song

Waiting for the moon to come to my verse.


Tonight just rainy, eh everywhere it falls

In each eye more hangs me

I do not know if it stays better with me or you.


We ask the words that source the heart

I believe more in you

That dawn is every time here.


I do not know when it rains or when it does not

It is this river that passes closer

Takes me in his company too

Times it drowns me in the tsunami waves

And forgive me a little soul to see me my friend.


Tonight I am your written name

Through each verse like a mirror of dreams

When words are few I see from above the moon

That stays with you, ah, you string fled away

A different world far or near me.


If my name is tonight

Little fire I have to give

Even a little love I took from the moon

In the sunlight I slept, I awoke like your prince.


How close it stays to my soul

Where only deities enter

No one dies from love

Springs forgive only life-giving flowers

In you I found my verse

We both became painting

Hung on the wall of every soul.


How much I love the world now

You are no longer even a dream

My verse I write

For each day a little.

Eh, tonight we are the only string

For years wanted.


Tonight is my own poetry Erna



When my springs got frosty

And I didn’t know who I am or whether I am Albanian

Where were you my lord on the day of my massacre

In Recak, Meja, Izbica, Krusha, Rogova


The same thought of me praying cross-legged

Forgive the bullets that made me fire ash

For love do not ask me what I love

More friend when I sacrifice for the homeland


I will not dwell on your sin

Why did you create the same demons and emperors

The man clothed the traitors of the nation

Today, for the seventh time, it seems to me that I am a foreigner


I have much to say about your sin

You haven’t known me for five centuries

Let me have only one Albanian

As if I was born later of which deity.



It’s not your fault that you run away from the legends of dragons

Time to become the queen of Albanians

Remained in your eyelash Ajkuna

You have to get back into the fight again


You and Prekazian love remain in the museum

I believed I would resist any Sahara

Even the glaciers of Antarctica

The Titanic has no depth to hold


The painters have not slept a single night

Take the most beautiful colors of the rainbow

They want to see themselves in your lashes

Get to know Venetian loves better


Death does not belong to you Ajkuna or Ernes

I kept my word to congratulate you

Fly me with the dawn seagulls

I swear no more words I cannot change.


2-IMG_8466Eh, does my soul hurt tonight

No, I do not love tears, I will keep the memory

On it, weave the string of white spirit

Forgive me the doves and leave me with the angels

And with raindrops, with rainbow colors.


Eh, if only I had a little more floral scent

Nor would I be afraid of the sea of any devil.


Tonight I took the pain, you of the flowers

The stars threw you my verses

You feed on my soul for your escape.


Somewhere in the ozone the verse is waiting for me

You have the bridge of angels to my soul

Where for years he sleeps like a sea seagull

In the only pillows as a dream name.


Like a mother blessing, like the word of your verse

Like a rainbow smile, like a longing song

Like a fire that burns my verse and my word

Hidden Castle that my house guarded for my tears.


The streets of Tirana as I painted landscapes of painters

I put them on the map of Albania, I took them in each flower

A little fragrance as the only path of the soul.


I did not quarrel in vain with my name or with the word

When you forgive me in the night without the moon, where only you shine

Without a candle and without any light I remained the only knight

As a blind man where I did not know my new direction.


Which road I had, which we embrace longing

I remained a river waterfall to pour into the depths of the sea

In a cracked sea of beautiful memories and dreams.


Lost I remained even after this silent night

I did not know if I was a night man or a rebellious night man.


Where every day I call your beauty

Your blue eyes and braids smell

How they rest on my shoulder, on my dream.


How far I went tonight seemed to me ozone I met

To receive a blessing from your lord

A residence permit in the garden full of roses

Also get a field song and a throat kiss.

[Poetry receive from Angela Kosta, Albania-born eminent poet from Italy]



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