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Towards Peace – Poetry from Korea

Towards Peace – Poetry from Korea

When hands join to draw a circle, peace comes.

Lee Hee Kuk Korea Poet - Sindh CourierLee, Hee Kuk, an eminent poet from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, shares his poems

Lee, Hee Kuk is a Korean poet. Born in Seoul, South Korea, he is a pharmacist and Adjunct Professor at the College of Pharmacy, The Catholic University of Korea. He is a member of the Executive Board of PEN Korean Center of PEN International. He is the president of the Ieodo Literature Association and Vice president of the Korean Association of World Literature. He has published five poetry books and has won four literature awards.

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Towards Peace

When hands join to draw a circle,

Peace comes.


Even the most fruitful result can be scattered by a gust of wind.

Even the vessel of my heart forged to withstand 1600 degrees of heat,

Once it screams its final cry,

It cannot be reversed.


That beautiful heart has lost all the touch of the neighboring wind and the resonance of space.

Something that should disappear after being kicked to the ground

Even if it cries day and night in the dusty wind,

A broken vessel cannot contain anything


Someone’s greed

Tramples upon the wound of those unfulfilled,

And those wound gather, protruding like scars.

Even in that empty space, peaceful winds may dwell,

But within rigid boundaries, there hides a rough, bitterly howling wind.


Those who have, show consideration, extend your hand first.

Those seeking true peace,

Forgive, and love.


The morning sun, rising with everything in it

Transmits with a round heart, warm sunlight.


lEiPufbpTIcB836EhihU--1--g557r평화를 위하여

손과 손을 잡고 원을 그리면

평화는 온다


오랜 결실도 한줄기 바람에 흐트러질 있다


1600열기를 견디고 다져진 마음의 그릇도

찰나에 쩍! 마지막 비명을 지르고 나면

되돌릴 없는

이웃하던 바람의 손길, 공간의 울림도 모두 잃고

바닥에 차이다 사라져야 하는

깨진 그릇은 밤낮을 흙바람 속에 울어도

무언가를 담을 없다


누군가의 욕심은

이루지 못한 이들의 상처를 짓밟고

상처들이 모여 흉터처럼 돋아나는 모난

허공에도 평화로운 바람이 살지만

질긴 경계 속에서 거칠고 애타게 울부짖는

바람이 숨어있다


가진 자여 배려하라, 먼저 손을 내밀어라

진정한 평화를 찾는

용서하라 그리고 사랑하라


모든 것을 담고 떠오르는 아침

둥근 마음, 따사로운 햇살로 전한다.


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Small Consolation

Have you eaten?

Even if it was just a word thrown carelessly

There was a time when such greetings were like a feast for my hungry spirit.


Light words, spoken with a smile,

A beacon of brightness throughout my day.

There was a time when they comforted my darkened heart.


I don’t know what kind of waves will crash upon anyone.

No one knows.


Someone once told me about begging

Helping them will only worsen their habits.

Meaningless, thorny words

That weigh heavily upon my soul.


Homeless people endure the bitter cold of winter

Without shelter.

I yearn to share warmth with them.


Sincere words of comfort,

Even just one.


a76b1404c48fec9e5104d089167e8c20작은 위로

밥은 먹었니?

무심히 던진 한마디가

허기진 나의 의지에

끼의 정찬이 되어주던 때가 있었다



미소 지으며 던져 가벼운 말이

종일 환한 빛으로

어두운 마음을 위로하던 때가 있었다


누구에게 어떤 파도가 몰아닥칠지

아무도 모르는데,


구걸하는 이에게

도우면 버릇만 나빠져

의미 없이 던지는 가시 돋친 한마디가

하루를 우울하게 한다


한겨울에도 냉기를 껴안고 사는 노숙인들

따스한 온기를 전해주고 싶다


진심이 담긴



cover-for-Autumn-In-KoreaRealizing in Autumn

A dragonfly naps on top of a cosmos flower,

Deep in slumber amidst gentle sways,

Rocked to sleep by the tender breeze.


The spider weaves its web on the air ground,

Ants march hurriedly for their colony on a busy afternoon.

The warm sunlight bathes the orchard,

Filling the gaps between flesh and flesh,

As the chambers of apples swell.


Though once I looked up at the sky with resentment,

In hindsight, both the breeze and the typhoon had reasons.

By the roadside, mugwort sway,

Growing taller with each trace of light.

The sky blankets the earth with its wide embrace.


Eyes that watched from different heights since the beginning,

Autumn was a gift from the heavens.

Across the trees,

Each branch adorned with the melody of well-tuned birdsong.


fall-foliage-forecast-korea-2018-fall-foliage-korea-2018-when-is-autumn-in-korea-5가을에 깨닫다

 잠자리 마리 코스모스 위에서 졸고 있다

편안한 흔들림에 잠이 깊고

살랑살랑 바람이 그의 요람이다


거미는 허방의 대지에 집을 짓고

개미는 족속을 위해 걸음이 바쁜 오후

과수원에 내리는 따가운 햇살

살과 사이 틈과 사이

사과의 방들이 부풀고 있다


허공을 올려다보며 더러 원망도 했지만

지나고 보니 바람도 태풍도 이유가 있었다

길섶 보랏빛 쑥부쟁이도 흔들리며

빛의 발자국에 키를 키웠다

하늘은 넓은 품으로 대지를 덮어주고


키가 다른 높이에서도 처음부터 지켜본

가을은 하늘이 주는 선물이었다


건너편 나무들

여문 새소리를 가지마다 내걸었다.


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