Two Million People Rendered Jobless During 3-Year PTI Rule In Pakistan

Two million people were pushed to live below poverty line while the poverty rate increased to 40 percent

The economic growth rate of the country has decreased by 29.3% and food items’ inflation has doubled from 5.5% of 2018 to 10.48% in 2021 – PPP MNA Shazia Marri

Karachi: The poverty rate in Pakistan registered sharp increase rising to 40 percent and more than two million people were pushed to live below the poverty line while two million people were rendered jobless during three years of PTI rule.

“During last three years, public debt has increased 52.3 percent and reached at rs.38.006 trillion, which is double than what PPP took and more than half of PML-N’s share,” Central Information Secretary PPP-P and member of National Assembly Shazia Atta Marri said in a statement on Friday.

Shazia-Marri“We don’t need a 256-page report to understand the performance of this incompetent Niazi government. The report is nothing but full of lies,” she remarked.

Ms. Marri said that 40% households of this country cannot afford nutritious food and due to lack of proper food and nutrition, almost 30% children in Pakistan are malnourished. “During 2019, among 1000 new born babies, 67 died before their 5th birthday due to lack of healthcare facilities in the country”.

She added that income earned by over 6.7 million Pakistanis has declined in the last two years and around 16780 families in KP remain displaced after the monsoon floods that hit the province.

“Imran Niazi had announced the installation of a desalination plant in Karachi, but no plant has so far installed and Karachi is still suffering from a water crisis,” she said.

“The country has reached at a double-digit inflation rate which is currently averaging almost at 11% while income tax has increased by 15% which is burdening over 78.3% of population of the country,” Shazia Marri said adding that inflation rate also raised higher than our neighboring countries India and Bangladesh in 3 years.

“Besides, country recorded a trade deficit of Rs.562924 million in June this year while PTI regime imported locally produced crops like wheat”.

She said that the economic growth rate of the country has decreased by 29.3% and food items’ inflation has doubled in the past 3 years. In 2018 it was 5.5% and in 2021 it rose to 10.48%.

Ms. Marri said unemployment rate has jumped from 6.2 % to 15 % and in 2020, over 20 lacs people went jobless, which is almost quarter of one crore jobs that this PTI government had promised.

She said that circular debt has doubled and now stands at Rs.2.28 trillion while Niazi Khan celebrated not taking loan from State Bank in a year.

Moreover, Petrol prices have increased 25 rupees per liter and Khan and his cronies kept misleading people that it is lowest among many countries, ignoring international market and currency exchange rates.

She further said that GDP growth nosedived from 5.8% to 1.8%, electricity tariffs have also increased by a whopping 40% and moreover first time in the history of country people faced Sui gas load shedding in summers as well. (PR)








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