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Umerkot City of Sindh becomes Epitome of Interfaith Harmony

Umerkot City of Sindh becomes Epitome of Interfaith Harmony

Maintaining the exemplary tradition of interfaith harmony, the local communities from different religions of Umerkot jointly celebrate the Eid, Holi and Easter festival

Umerkot, Sindh

Maintaining the exemplary tradition of interfaith harmony, the local communities from different religions of Umerkot jointly celebrated the Eid, Holi and Easter festivals here on April 19, 2024 to show the diversity and unity.

The event was organized by the Strengthening Participatory Organization – SPO and FACE- Faith Alliance for Climate Education Network under the NCA- Norwegian Church Aid funded ‘Faith in Action for Sustainable Climate Resilience’ project. The Joint celebration promoted happiness and camaraderie through shared celebrations and joint festivities, first time in Umerkot.

Umerkot-Interfaith-Sindh Courier-3Mustaque Ali Kunbhar, DDMA member of Umerkot and FACE member, welcomed all participants and briefly explained the significance behind the celebration of Eid, Holi, and Easter together.

Muratza Salehani, Additional Director, Umerkot SWD, viewed that the event will promote tolerance, especially in the coming generation. “Such events are essential to promote peace and harmony,” he added.

“Umerkot is a region where diversity exists, and we cannot identify religion by appearance or language. This district is a real example of peace and harmony.”

Amjad Baloch shared about the objective of event along with scope of work of SPO and its NCA-funded project. He mentioned that SPO is operating in 75 districts of Pakistan, including 16 districts in Sindh, focusing on various thematic areas. He highlighted that this event brought together people from Muslim, Hindu, and Christian communities to share happiness.

Ali Akbar Rahimon, Faith Actor expressed that Eid is a wonderful day where we all come together to celebrate. He highlighted that Eid carries a great message, reminding us to share each other’s joys and sorrows, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness.

Dr. Durgadas said that Holi is a celebration not only for Hindus but also for our all people, surrounding both religious and cultural dimensions with its vibrant colors. “It’s celebrated with enthusiasm by people of all beliefs, reflecting a rich tapestry of traditions through beautiful colors.”

Sambal Christian FACE Member, said that we celebrate Easter because our Prophet has made great sacrifices for mankind and from his sacrifices we get this lesson that we should all work together for the welfare of mankind.

Umerkot-Interfaith-Sindh Courier-2Mir Hassan Arisar, mentioned that Umarkot is a peaceful city where such programs are regularly organized. Today, SPO organized a joint event, bringing everyone together on one platform. This marks the start of something significant, where Hindu brothers and sisters participated in Holi celebrations, Easter cakes were cut, and Eid sweets were distributed, all at the same place. It’s a wonderful tradition that raises peace and brotherhood in society through such inclusive activities.

Ghulam Mustafa, Executive of Sami Foundation, Fahim Babar, M Parkash and other religious leaders called for promoting peace and supporting Sindh to build a peaceful society.

Sabir Maher from DDMA Sanghar highlighted the role of the district administration in promoting and supporting people of all religions. He emphasized their key role in maintaining a peaceful environment.

Shewa Ram Suthar, Program Manager SPO, shared the profiles of role models who have contributed in promoting peace, interfaith harmony, addressing social issues, resolving conflicts, and supporting its proper development.

Below are the details of the awards given to those role models.

In first time in History, SPO awarded with role models from Umerkot area who contributed for peace and interfaith harmony, climate change and other social development issue.

Umerkot-Interfaith-Sindh Courier-1The first award was presented to Molvi Irshad from the Muslim faith, who has made significant contributions to Umerkot in promoting peace and religious harmony. In majlis gatherings, he shares messages of brotherhood and actively protests against social issues affecting Hindus, Muslims, and Christians alike. He consistently stands at the forefront and has also raised his voice for Priyanka Kumari.

The second award was presented to Janki Devi, who has made significant contributions to promoting education for girls in low-literacy areas. She has actively encouraged girls to pursue higher education and reach university level. Her efforts have provided girls with a platform to raise, rise, and grow from deprived areas.

The third award was given to Pastor Younas Padri from the Christian community, who has been instrumental in promoting peace within his community and guiding them on humanitarian issues. He has raised his voice for the rights of sanitary workers and has actively participated in the Umerkot Green Campaign.

The fourth award was given to Dr. Jodho Mal Nanjiani, whose efforts for youth have been highly appreciated. He has financially supported needy students by paying fees for MBBS, Engineering, and other university courses, ensuring that they can graduate. Additionally, he has raised his voice on social media to raise public awareness on anti-drug campaigns. Dr. Nanjiani has also made significant contributions to promoting physical and mental peace in Umerkot.

The fifth award was presented to Molana Abdul Qadir from the Muslim faith, who has made significant contributions to Umerkot, particularly by spreading messages of humanity and resolving various issues to maintain peace and interfaith harmony in the region.

The sixth award was presented posthumously to late Mr. Madho Mal P Kehtani from the Malhi community, who made significant contributions, particularly in arranging sabeel (water distribution), stalls of sharbat (sweet drinks), and supporting the needy. He played a vital role in the Shiv Mela by contributing and serving lunch and dinner to the poor YATRI.

The seventh award was presented Late Syed Ishtiaque Ali Shah, who played a pivotal role in nurturing a peaceful environment. His contributions to Punj Tan PIR were widely admired by all. He brought together people from diverse religions and served Umerkot in a unique manner, effectively resolving various issues.

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Another award was given to Dr. Harchand Rai Lakhani, in recognition of his important contributions to Umerkot, particularly in maintaining peace, providing guidance to poor patients, and supporting the resolution of health and social issues. Dr. Harchand Rai Lakhani served as the chairman of town committee Umerkot, showing honesty and providing support to impoverished individuals in resolving their issues and problems. During his era when basic medical equipment for testing was scarce, he treated patients with his wisdom and expertise. Additionally, he made notable contributions to combating tuberculosis (TB), he initiated the first treatment programs and supported thousands of TB patients. Dr. Lakhani was a dedicated social activist who drew upon tradition, folk wisdom, and cultural heritage in his work. Even today, the people of Umerkot hold him in high regard.

The most leading award was given to the late Molana Abdul Rehman Jamali. His contributions to Umerkot were truly admirable for all religions. He remained respectable to all religions. He resolved many sensitive issues in Umerkot and played a key role through his presence, serving Umerkot and fostering a peaceful area. Even though he is physically not available, his way of working, positivity, and equal support for all have instilled a sense of peace and promoted harmony in Umerkot and surrounding areas.

The event featured speeches from various stakeholders, educators, community leaders, and religious figures. Additionally, the community presented tableaus and songs. The event successfully raised awareness and promoted harmony and peace among the people of Umerkot. (PR)





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