Wailing Words – A Poem from Sindh, the Land of Indus Civilization

Shoukat Lohar, an eminent writer of Sindh province of Pakistan shares his poem

Shoukat Lohar

Shoukat LoharShoukat Lohar is Assistant professor in English at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro. He can be reached at Shoukat.ali@faculty.muet.edu.pk

Wailing Words

In the stillness of the night,

I am haunted by memories of you.

My love, so far away, each thought a dagger, piercing through my heart

As I long for your embrace, your sweet embrace

I see your smile,

So warm and full of life

The way your eyes would sparkle in the sun

And though we’re separated by miles and time

Your memory stays with me forever.


I hold onto these memories so tight

For fear that time will fade them from my sight

But still I dream of you each night and day

And pray that fate will bring us back together someday


Until that time, my love,

 I’ll hold you close in memories that soothe my restless soul

And though we’re worlds apart,

Our love will thrive for

In my heart, you’ll always be alive.





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