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Water is Thirsty for Thirst……

Water is Thirsty for Thirst……

The thirst is a human inner feeling for sake of water however the thirst and water complement and compensate each other. Bhittai’s idea about ‘thirst’ and ‘water’ reflect a point of confluence where the contradictory things join each other

By Noor Ahmed Janjhi

You may have accepted the desertedness for sake of beloved, O Sassui!

Water is thirsty for them who have thirst within them

ساجن ڪارڻ سُڃ ، مر قبوليئي سسئي

اندر جنين اُڃ ، پاڻي اُڃئو اُن کي

(Sajan karan sunjj, marrue qabooliyee Sassui… Andar jineen unjj, pani unjio un khay)

Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, in this couplet, has shared a unique idea about the expansion of comfort zone by taking extreme risk.  Generally, people see things by their comfort level and don’t take risk to move ahead of it. People who take risk and expand their comfort level, achieve much more than the routine output. Risk taking for expansion of the comfort zone is an integral part of the rigorous training and spur for entrepreneurship. World is moving ahead in one or the other way because time is moving constantly and successively. It can be said that time always moves ahead and it is too difficult to reverse it. The space remains for trying to walk by time. Nostalgia pulls people backwards. Future prospects push ahead. However, there seems less focus on the running time whom people present and after sometime it becomes past and the coming time is tagged as future. In this time framework, people try to behave with people, things and greater context of nature. Besides, people face internal and external pressures. All of that has bestowed humans with a specific type of experience focusing on identity. Man has been wandering from pillar to post and post to pillar in search of identity. The things and concepts are recognized through the contradictory concepts and ideas.  All of the human learning experience expresses much more about the contradictions.

Water is Thirsty for Thirst……shah-abdul-latif-bhitai-
Shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, in the above bait discus the riddle of contradictions and concludes that all of the things have been sprung out of the one origin and it is human experience that has molded the understanding into a diversified form mostly recognized in contradictory terms. There is singularity among universal phenomena and it is human experience that expresses things in diversity. Shah Latif presents the two entire different values in this bait. These are thirst and water. Both of them are perceived as opposites of each other. However, both have same origin. The thirst is a human inner feeling for sake of water. The thirst and water complement and compensate each other and conclude after the meeting. By appreciating the adaptation of the desertedness by Sassui, he presents the idea that water itself is thirsty for those who have thirst within them. It is a way of alternate thinking. Majority of people behaves other way round. They flee away from desertedness because of the more pressure of the thirst (stimulus) and unavailability of water (response) that will worsen the situation much more. Bhittai is of the idea that people who have stronger stimulus, response moves towards them eagerly. It is a strategy of alternative thinking and exploring different solutions. People know to quench thirst with only water but Bhittai is of the view that the thirst can be quenched with thirst. He says;

پي پيالو اُڃ جو اُڃ سين اڃ اُٿيار

To raise the thirst with the bowl of thirst is a unique idea presented by Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. Everyone will try to seek the bowl of water to quench the thirst and that is the routine thinking of human being. The technical people address the things with the technical solutions but the brilliant people come up with alternate solutions. They don’t stuck-up with the routine considerations. Every problem has a solution. It is only way thinking that enables some with success and others lag behind. Present day world is full of problems and most of them are man-made. People see a glass of water the only solution for the thirst. Bhittai seeks the thirst as a panacea for thirst itself. The water and thirst are just two symbols. All the problems of world arose because of contradictory behavior need to be resolved by exploring the accurate solution emanating from the origin. It means to remove the causes of the problems – the problems will be removed automatically. To view the things from their origin or roots provides a good opportunity for smooth solutions and the traditional way provides a solution through contradictory approach i. e power. The latter approach creates the other problems and people wander through a cause and effect unending pipeline.

Water is Thirsty for Thirst- Sassui-Punhoon-shrine
Last resting place of Sassui

Bhittai’s idea about ‘thirst’ and ‘water’ reflect a point of confluence where the contradictory things join each other. People pursue only routine options. The routine options don’t provide solutions to the problems. World faces many problems and the problems pose a great threat to the security of globe. The global problems can only be resolved through the alternate options for solutions. Beating about the bush of traditional approach, has pushed world away from smooth solutions. Armament is not the only panacea for peace. Wars don’t provide peace in the plate to world. Only proactive approach towards a sustainable peace can liberate world from threats and agonies.

[author title=”Noor Ahmed Janjhi ” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Noor-Ahmed-Janjhi-Sindh-Courier.jpg”]Noor Ahmed Janjhi is a senior educationist based in Desert District Tharparkar Sindh. He is author of several books in Sindhi and English language on folk literature including two poetry books. [/author]