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Sindhis celebrating Pakora Day

Sindhis celebrating Pakora Day

Like Daal Pakwan Day celebrated on April 11, the Sindhis want to promote Sindhyat and Sindhi Culture through Pakora Day

Mumbai: Sindhis living across the India and around the world are celebrating the Pakora Day today (July 5) like they celebrated April 11 as the Daal Pakwan Day to promote Sindhiyat and Sindhi Culture.

“This is to inform that Sindhis all over the World will be celebrating Pakora Day on 5th July. On this day all are requested to prepare Pakora and enjoy with tea or with old monk,” a message circulated among the Sindhi community had said.

Sindhi Pakora

Dwarko Khilnani, a former banker and author of several books, told Sindh Courier that Sindhis living in Indore, Madhya Pradesh had announced celebrating the Pakora Day. “All over India they are forwarding messages,” he said adding that this is first time a Pakora Day is being celebrated.

“Sindhis wherever they are settled around the globe celebrated the Sunday April 11 as the Daal Pakwan Day to promote Sindhiyat and Sindhi Culture, as the Daal Chhola and Pakwans are famous traditional Sindhi food and part of our culture,” Dwarko Khilnani, who was born in Bhiria town of Sindh, told.

“To keep our food tastes and culture alive, all Sindhis and their associations in India and abroad celebrated the day this year,” he told.

The call for Daal Pakwan Day was given by Sindhis settled in Bhopal. Through WhatsApp messages, they communicated the decision to observe three festivals of Sindhis this year that also included Daal Pakwan Day.

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“Now a day has been fixed for Pakora and it will be celebrated every year on July 5”, Dwarko Khilnani said.

Sindhis in India are famous for their rich heritage and vibrant culture. Another thing that makes them distinctive and popular is the choice of food. Sindhi cuisine is delicious in taste, rich in flavor and loaded with aromatic spices. However, the beauty of Sindhi food lies in its simplicity. The Sindhi Pakora also popular in India. Sindhi onion Pakora recipe is an all-time popular fried snack. They are very famous street food in India. It is quite popular during monsoon time as Pakoras goes very well with a cup of tea and chutney. It is usually served as snacks or appetizers.