Sindhis around the globe celebrate Daal Pakwan Day

Sindhis around the globe celebrate Daal - Pakwan Day - Sindh CourierSindhis celebrated the Sunday April 11 as the Daal Pakwan Day to promote Sindhiyat and Sindhi Culture

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Sindhis living wherever they are settled around the globe celebrated the Sunday April 11 as the Daal Pakwan Day to promote Sindhiyat and Sindhi Culture, as the Daal Chhola and Pakwans are is famous traditional Sindhi food and part of their culture.

“To keep our food tastes and culture alive, all Sindhis and their associations in India and abroad celebrated the day this year,” Mr. Dwarko Khilnani, a senior banker and author of several books, who was born in Bhiria City of Sindh, told Sindh Courier from Mumbai.

Watch a Video – ‘Daal Chhola Dabal’

“It all started from Bhopal, where Sindhis decided to celebrate the Daal Pakwan Day. Through WhatsApp messages, they communicated the decision to observe three festivals of Sindhis this year: (1) Sindhi Divas on April 10, as Sindhi Language was recognized as one of official language of India on April 10, 1967; (2) Since Daal Pakwan is Sunday breakfast for all Sindhis, so April 11 is fixed as Daal Pakwan Day and (3) Cheti Chand which falls on April 13,” he told and added that WhatsApp messages in groups worked and all three festivals are now being celebrated.

Such celebration can be seen in Mumbai in one of the Sindhi society.

Watch the Video of a Sindhi Family

Interestingly, a dance drama titled as ‘Daal Chola Dabhal… …دال ڇولا ڊٻل was also performed in Dubai event Surahee Shaam Sangeet Jee in the past. The event was organized by a famous Sindhi writer and social activist Asha Chand for Sindhi Sangat.

Daal Chhola Dabal is a famous Sindhi song of Sindhi film Abana released in 1958.

Watch song of film Abana 

Sindhi Cuisine have unique flavors of its own and are very famous not only India but abroad also. Sindhi cuisine is a vibrant one , sizzling and dazzling with lots of flavors, a wonderful amalgamation of Delish sweets, perfectly tangy curries, mildly flavored gravies, rich and wholesome biryanis, wide array of seasonal vegetables, awesome variety of flatbreads, and not to forget the world famous Sindhi Papad and Sindhi Pickles.

A royal breakfast preferred by Sindhis, is ought to be the Daal Pakwan, the crisp fried Maida flatbreads, served with simple Chanadal, garnished with chutney and chopped onion.


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